Naked Showers + 10k= Awesome Weekend

This weekend rocked :-) Not only did I get a naked shower on Saturday. Yes, a naked shower, you know that magical time when your sensor and site need to be changed on the same day.... I also ran in my first 10k, not only did I not spike during the middle of the run but I also didn't crash in the afternoon. Oh and the 10k was finished in just under an hour. Went to my parents for a lunch of grilled salmon and roasted veggies right out of their garden. Then I had Thai food for supper with a co-worker and 2 hours after Thai food I have a bg of 87. Score on all levels.

Awesome! Good for you! WOOT! :D

Ah, naked showers! I miss those. I've only had one since starting on the pump back in June. And that was purely an accident.
I forgot the set and sensor were there....I'm new at this, so that's my defense.
Caught the corners of both just so, with a single vigorous swipe of the washcloth and ripped them right out! They did not come all the way out but enough that I had to pull them the rest of the way.