Naproxen and Blood Sugar Levels

I'm sure that this has been discussed before, but was unable to pull up any past conversation...
I have been dealing with a low grade respitory situation, feeling like my body is trying to fight off something. Two days before symptoms began, my #'s became high and it has taken at least twice my normal daily insulin to keep out of the 200s. The third day I took a Naproxin tablet and my numbers went back to normal range. I developed what I assumed to be side effects of the meds and Google search led me to a list of many, many potential side effects of Naproxen, one being lowered blood sugar levels. 24 hours after I took the one and only pill, my high #s returned. Has anyone else seen this? I had a few side effects that would have me hesitate to take Naproxen again, but I am thinking that it good info to have in case, and for others that can take it with no problems.

I'll give it a try today... coincidentally, I'm in exactly the same situation as you. Worse, this damn thing had come and gone twice over the last three weeks, and it's creating havoc with my control.

Sorry to hear, Dave. A coworker has had the same experience....going on for 3 weeks. I would blame her for my contamination but I was away for 10 days so unless there is an unusually long percolating period, I think I have a different bug. I was traveling overseas and got terribly chilled, did without sleep, and dealt with jet lag, so I suspect that for my weakened defenses. It is unusual for me to have something linger, though....7th day of high #s and 5th of symptoms.
Out of curiosity, are you experiencing a dry cough, headache and mild sneezy, runny nose type cold symptoms like me?
I'll be anxious to hear your experiment results. Good luck.

The symptoms are very frustrating, because they're so borderline.

Very slight cough and chest congestion; occasional slight runny nose, mainly mornings and evenings; lower GI cramping and loose stool; loss of apetite; unusual fatigue; BG craziness.

In fact, I didn't even realize I had relapsed until my BG started getting hard to control again, and then the cramping, cough, runny nose, reappeared that evening.

I'm sure a big big part of difficulty beating this is stress and inadequate sleep. For work reasons I'm getting about 6 hrs a night on average, and we have some missed deadlines and pissed customers that's got our CEO on the warpath (small company, ~20 employees). I'm the COO, so you can guess what sort of pressure that puts me under :-)

Oh man, sorry for that as well. Lack of sleep and stress....not great for the body trying to heal.

Our symptoms are pretty much the same. I've not had cramps or unusual fatique, did have chills the first 3 days. I kept waiting to get a full blown cold or worse, flu. I have never had anything that caused my blood sugar to react this way. I am struggling to stay below 200.

Hope everything eases up for you soon.

Back atcha, Elaine! Hang in there -- if its the same or similar bug, it'll pass on in 4-5 days.

Thanks! Looking forward to that.

When I take it for arthritic pain it has no effect on my numbers. Have not tried it long term since I get stomach pain from it.

If I take ibuprofen for the same situation for more than a week I see a slight trend down for my basal requirements. Think the decreased inflammation may be part of it. Don't like to be on NSAIDs long term due to the bleeding potential but do use them sporadically for joint pain. Can always tell when a front/storm is coming. Have a built in weather predictor.

I had a weird stomach thing over the holidays last year and was really laid up pretty hard, had some GI stuff and felt very feverish, like unable to get out of bed very much, BG running very high, not responsive to insulin along with, perhaps oddly, like every joint in my body was really achy. Eventually, I kept some broth down and had a Celebrex that I had leftover from some sports injury and the joint pain went away and my BG came down and the other symptoms went away. I was sort of freaked out by it but it seemed to be closely connected, even though it might have just been a coincidence.

Yes, the inflammation connection seems the most obvious. I don't like to take the anti-inflammatories for the reason you state, as well as liver stuff, but I do take supplements that help with mild daily complaints. The Neproxen is likely much stronger.