Tamiflu Raising Blood Sugars?

Hi Everyone-

I am on a 10 day course of 75 mg Tamiflu once daily since Sunday, because my twin sons tested positive for Influenza A (most likely swine flu). I have noticed my BGs are off the charts for the last few days. I realize if I actually had the virus, my blood sugars could be high as a result. But I have had no symptoms - the Tamiflu is just a precaution since I was caring for kids with the virus. I am wondering if the Tamiflu itself could be raising blood sugars; I have not found any references to this online, however.

Any thoughts or experiences? Thanks!

I tried researching on that before (when the H1N1 virus was first on the news). Im not very sure, but some studies claim that Tamiflu metabolically aggravates diabetes.and hyperglycemia. But there are so little information that is provided. Although all medicines may cause side effects, There are some people that are affected more severely or are more sensitive to the side effects . Maybe its best you check with your doctor if Tamiflu interacts with your meds…just to be on the cautious side.

I’ve just gone off taking tamiflu for swine flu and I noticed a HUGE rise in my BG levels, exceeding what normally occurs for illness, giving myself 175% of my basal rate wasn’t even enough to keep me within a good range so I think the drugs deffinetly have something to do with it

The good news is, you bounce right back to good/same old numbers a day after done! I took it but was ill too.

My son’s numbers were up, but he was also ill.

I am starting on Tamifu 75mg twice a day for five days

taking Tamiflu because my son has the flu and “I can’t get sick now!!!” Blood sugar is off the charts, like taking prednisone , worst low episode in a long time last night because I had bolused up so much, sheets were soaked … but I REALLY CAN"T GET SICK NOW !!! lol

I just was diagnosed with Flu virus A. Or swine flu and Dr prescribed tamiflu. My numbers have always been great. Do you think the tamiflu is doing it or the flu virus.