Nasal decongestant

I’m type 1 and have a miserable cold which has kept me from sleeping. I’ve read conflicting answers on whether a decongestant, like Sudafed, is OK to take in that it can raise glucose level
. I’d call my doctor but of course these things happen on weekends. Any advice? Could sure use some sleep.

Others on here will have much more useful direct experience to offer you, but from what I found online, you are correct (and news to me!).

DON'T FORGET: Never change your diabetes medications when you’re sick without checking with your care provider.

Of course, there’s just gobs more info out there, so I’ll stop posting links. However, I was curious to understand the mechanism by which Sudafed can raise BG. My personal guess is (with some online help - :grin::grin:) that the purpose of adrenalin is to give you a boost, so it makes sense that insulin secretion would be less. However, in my case, few things knock me out faster than Sudafed.

I did find sites that say to consider a nasal spray, but as the web site above says, check with your provider. Does he/she not have a nurse line?

What I do for congestion, is either inhale some steam or use Ayr, saline drops. Or both.

Consult the pharmacist, he may be of help. Also try some nasal saline spray, might help clear you up. Feel better soon. Nancy50

If you are on insulin then you shouldn’t have to worry about Sudafed raising your BG beyond what you can control. I take Sudafed whenever I have a cold as well as any other cold medicines I want.

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Thanks for getting back. I had read that it can raise your glucose so also wondering if I need to shoot a bit more to cover for that. Since it’s for bedtime, didn’t want to chance it while I’m sleeping.
I know pumps have a separate “illness” pump settings but to date, never had to use it.

I’ve found that using a Neti pot (or the version put out by Neil Med) to clear out congestion a couple of times a day not only helps make me more comfortable, but also seems to shorten the duration of a cold. Since both methods use a simple saline solution, there’s no affect on bg numbers.