New Pump Accessory

Go to if you would like to participate in the final design and pre-marketing stages of a rubberized insulin pump jacket. More description can also be found at Challenge Diabetes Blog.

Responses were overwhelmingly positive. Obviously free is better :wink: We have had to begin discussions with a new manufacturer for this product so stay tuned. The great news is that the TuDiabetes community was able to directly impact our decision about whether or not to proceed to manufacturing and eventual availability of this diabetes product.

Do you know how many times a day I DROP my insulin pump? No… and you don’t WANT to know, LOL… that poor thing. If it were a cell phone, it would have shattered by now! Well, better to drop on the floor, IMO, than rip out of my stomach every time the cord catches on something… or someONE! LMAO… A rubber case would by my BFF!!! Nice post!

Oh, LOL, BTW (OK, enough with the acronyms)… I’m an out-of-work car designer. I went to the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI for 5 ungodly years, LOL… Shall I say… “I like to draw”… and design, too!!!