I need your ideas!

So, my small, local pharmacy doesn’t really have a very big selection of items geared to Diabetics, or useful to Diabetics… I wrote an e-mail to them, noting how odd it was that they don’t have many things… and since I am now, newly diagnosed, and don’t have a car… they are the only pharmacy I can get to, easily for my things. Could they please improve their selection? Well, the store manager really got excited about this prospect… of making the store more Diabetes friendly. He, and another employee, are now raising funds for JDRF, and have signed up for the Ride to Cure. They hold a barbecue every Friday, raising funds for their team… and he keeps in communication with me regularly, via e-mail.

He was asking me... what products or ideas I could give them, that they could carry. So, my question to you is... what are your ideas for awesome products to carry for Diabetics? We want to make this place like a Diabetic haven! :)

DEX 4 Liquid Blasts, DEX 4 Tablets, Sharps Containers, ReliOn Alcohol Wipes with Pain Reliever, some great foot creams that also double as cream for poked out fingertips, ANY INFORMATION on type 1 diabetes since everything I’ve ever seen at a pharmacy pertains only to type 2, Accu Check Soft Clicks and the little refill needles that go in there (best clicker ever as it doesn’t bruise the tips), small One Touch or other meters AND the batteries it would need since they can be hard to find, and the strips, inexpensive (around $20) digital food scales that at least measure grams and ounces – that’s about all I can think of right now.

Source: my son has type 1 and sometimes I have to go all around or shop on the internet to find all of the above. Would be great to have a one stop shop and it’s super awesome that this pharmacy cares!!! Almost unheard of really.

Lancets, glucose tabs, a couple of meter choices with strips, ketone strips, Calorie King book.

Their enthusiasm impresses me!

insulin coozies… insulin vial protectors… im not sure what to call them… it can be awful when your vial breaks… and these things can also be useful for color coding long/short acting insulin

Suggest that your small, local pharmacy carry a 90 Day/$9.99 generic prescription drug plan in regard to generic diabetic drugs, such as Metformin 500MG tab, 850MG tab, 1000MG tab, and ER 50MG tab–that is, if it doesn’t already.

Hooray for that store manager (and for you for encouraging him!
In-store diabetes education classes
In-store diabetes support groups
Diabetes, heart health, blood pressure, fitness, weight loss, recipe, mental health, nutrition, food database books/mags
Dex4 glucose tables in coconut/pina colada flavor
Blood pressure monitor
Insulated meds cases
Attractive medical IDs
Awareness slogan t-shirts, charms, coffee mugs
Well-designed logbooks

That’s great–awesome work! Is this a non-chain pharmacy?

Insulin cooler wallets/cases. Frio’s a good brand. Inexpensive medical ID tags & bracelets, from the other discussion:)

Lancing devices sold separately from meters.


Amy’s idea about foot cream & food scales is great!

LOL. And Wilford Brimley.

I had suggested Reli-On, but it is exclusively a Walmart brand, so we can’t get it in there. The pharmacy is a part of a chain, but it is one of those ‘employee owned’ deals, so they have a lot of leeway with what they do… Lots of great ideas, folks… keep em coming! :slight_smile:

Promotion postcards for TuDiabetes DOT org!

I’ve heard of those before but I’ve never seen them. Where did you get yours?

10 cent Test strips! LOL

> 30Gx 8 mm Pen Needles…( You can reuse them and keep the cap on the pen )
> Large Size Bottles of Glucose Tabs
> Book> Think Like a Pancrease
> Vit D- 1,000 mg
< Frio Packs

Wait, pharmacies SELL logbooks?!! I didn’t know this!!!

Foot care items… lotions, callus removers, etc.
Supply cases/packs
Glucose shots
pretty much what everyone else said. I’m so unoriginal today… :frowning:

Does anyone have particular brands of items that they love, and can’t live without?

I think the first ones I got at walmart— 9ish years ago…

last summer I got one from Kevin McMahon… he something with glucomon and diabetes house call and was giving them out

I think the DEX4 tablets taste better than all the generic glucose tabs…so them

Cool things I would buy:
-glucose keychains
-Canisters of alcohol wipes (I can only find them at walgreens)
-Pump infusion set samples
-Pump carriers/cases
-portable measuring cups

I would ask them to keep some Regular on hand. Sometimes it’s the only insulin that people without insurance or the ability to get the the Dr. can get. Might save a life of someone none of us will ever meet.

Along with some of the other great suggestions you have received, I would suggest Aveeno products especially their fragrance free oatmeal soaps and shaving creams. It seems like lots of diabetics also have very sensitive skin and these products really help.

The other thing to look at is getting the pharmacy to do more tie-in promotions with local health clubs, bike shops, hiking clubs etc, since we know that exercise plays such a beneficial role in managing diabetes.

Wow! Very inspiring to hear that you asked for help and received such a great response.

Fair Winds,


Our local pharmacy is awesome now… :slight_smile: I have to say… :slight_smile: This weekend is their raise for JDRF, and they are excited… They have implemented most of you guys’ suggestions and ideas. Thank you for all your brainstorming. I am so very happy about this.