Hi gang,

I need a favor (please please please): I’m allergic to every tape out there except the hypoallergenic types.

There is this fantastic tape made by 3M called 3M™ Blenderm™ Tape 1525-2 (it’s 2 inches wide - which makes it perfect for use with infusion sets). 3M sells both 1inch and 2inch Blenderm, but only offers the 1inch on their website (which is a lot cheaper than buying it at the store).

Would all of you please go to this website:

Ask them to please carry the : 3M™ Blenderm™ Tape 1525-2 (2 inch) by the case on their website.

I’ve got a call into their CEO for this, but I’m sure if they saw all the demand, it would help.

Thanks in advance!!
Bunny (Lisa)

Have you tried calling and asking if they’d special order it for you?