What is the tape thingy you use to keep the sensor on for another week called?

I can’t seem to remember what it is called nor do I remember where you can buy it. Since i have this week off from class, I want to get some so I can reuse the sensor for another week. Thanks!

I use IV3000 plastic covers. I also tried and liked 3M transpore paper tape.

I use Nephew IV Prep. I have used it for 10 years with great success on all types of pump insertion devices.

I use Opsite Flexifix http://www.americandiabeteswholesale.com/product/smith-nephew-opsite-flexifix-dressing_2107.htm

I cut 4 pieces and put one on each edge of the sensor adhesive. By doing this when I install a new sensor, my Dexcom sensors last 2 to 3 weeks. Only put tape on the sensor adhesive and not over the sensor itself.

I also use the Opsite Flexifix tape. Most people seem to like the 4 inch better but I originally bought the 2 inch without knowing that and it works fine for me. The 2 inch is cheaper so when I needed to buy more, I stuck with the 2 inch. Like George, I also cut mine into 4 pieces. For the 2 short sides of the Dex adhesive, I just cut a strip straight across. For the 2 longer sides of the Dex adhesive, I cut one long piece and then cut that one in half.

I don’t seem to have any problem with the original adhesive sticking for two weeks.

I use 3M Medipore

where can I get the 3M tape?

where can I get it?

where can I get this?


I use S&N "Skin-Prep" underneath the Dexcom pad. (You need to make it completely dry, with a hairdryer, B4 you put the Dexcom Sensor down.) Unlike "I.V. Prep", which is made for short term use, S&N specifically makes this one for long term appliance adhesion. It also reduces inflammation, largely preventing skin rashes. I apply "Skin-Prep" under the entire area (Flexifix and Sensor, about 3/4" wider and taller than the Sensor pad alone). One foil-packed, single-use soaked-fabric applicator is sufficient. Use the soaked-fabric foil packs, because the liquid doesn't create the thin, consistent layer which you need to get, and it's messy.

- - - - -

On top of the Sensor pad, I use Opsite Flexifix: 4 inch size, with a little "window" for the Sensor/Transmitter assembly. The 4-inch width is sized perfectly for the length of the Dexcom pad. But, in comparison to the people who use four separate pieces of 2-inch, I have to cut out that "window" properly- I use a surgical scissors to do it. (This is an Ebay item, not a chain-store pharmacy item.) By cutting it to fit the Dexcom pad, with an extra centimeter or so all around, it protects the Dexcom pad edges from getting lose.

It costs A LOT, but since the roll is over 30 feet long... one roll will last for years. Online only, If you want to use a single piece of 4", as I do, then Google it -- most places sell only the 2-inch width. But frankly, I suspect that the "more pieces of 2-inch" approach used by others is just as good. Take your pick!

- - - - -

BTW, I react to nearly everything (Dexcom tape; infusion tape; IV prep; alcohol; IV3000, and etc.). Not just redness, I'm talking about blisters which "blow out" after 3 days, and scars which last for months afterards. There may be other good products for this problem, but Skin-Prep is the only anti-irritation product which I've found (so far) to work for me.

I am trying to find something economical as well. My tiny budget doesnt allow me for anything that is expensive…I am just itching to keep the sensor on for longer than the 7 days

I use hypafix and skin-prep. I just searched on Amazon and ordered from there for the hypafix and get the skin prep from my dex supplier. I usually check Amazon first but you can order tapes from medical supply businesses. You could also ask your pharmacist to order one for you but that may cost more as they wouldn't be buying in bulk like a medical supply place would be.

The other thing you can try is paper tape, cloth tape, or the clear plastic tapes you can get on the bandaid aisle in the grocery store. I don't think in the long run they'll be cheaper than medical adhesives you get from a medical supply store but you could get small quantities to get a general idea of what may or may not work for you in terms of taping things down.

I was thinking about going for the one at the grocery store. I saw one while working that there is a waterproof one. So I may start with that until I can afford better ones.

Then first, try using just the "Skin-Prep" wipes alone. It works by leaving a thin chemical barrier layer behind when it dries- it protects your skin from Nasty tape chemicals, but it also protects the adhesive from your sweat (the barrier works both ways).

There's a chance that will be enough, all by itself.

The next cheapest is to use a thinner slice of FlexiFix, or one of the 3M tapes, across the top edge- leaving most of the Dexcom adhesive pad uncovered, but protecting just the edge where pounding shower water and soap tries to penetrate and loosen it.

- - - - -

Do keep in mind however, that even though 4" Flexifix will cost about $50 shipped, you need less than 3" of height to cover the entire Dexcom (and that includes adequate "extra" height above and below the Dexcom oval). The roll is 10 meters long, so that works out to more than 130 Sensors' worth of tape. (As I said, and now emphasize, that's probably several years worth of Sensors: for me, a bit over 5 years. )

Less than 40 cents per Sensor, and it assures that I get a full two weeks every single time. (Excluding, of course, "bleeders" and other failures which occur during the first 72 hours-- but Dexcom replaces those for free.) If I insisted on keeping each Sensor on until it became completely unreliable, which I used to do, I'd get 16-19 days every time. (I did that for a couple of years.)

If a lesser method of tape protection only gets 10 days, while this could get 14+ days, then you'd be choosing a "false" economic preference: FlexiFix would not only save a lot more co-pays, it would also save the pain of inserting 50% more often. And even more important: You'd be able to replace it consistently, well before it fails. That's why I backed off from 16-19 days down to 14 per Sensor- I'm never left without coverage, and I still enjoy huge savings.

YMMV, of course. IANAMD, IANAN, IANACDE, etc....

4 inch Flexifix is $28.99 at American Diabetes Wholesale


Shipping is $6.95

Has anyone been able to get the tape covered under their medical insurance? I was going to order the Flexifix tape from American Diabetes Wholesale at 28.99, but I had to call Byram Healthcare to talk about test strips which I order through them and asked about the Flexifix tape. They are going to see if BCBS will cover it. They asked me what I will be using it for to get a code to submit to my insurance. If my insurance won’t cover it and they can’t match the price, I’ll go ahead and order from American Diabetes Wholesale.

Hi Sue! I never tried because I get my sensors from CCS and they don’t carry the Flexifix tape.

Hi Kelly! BTW I put you down as referring me to tudiabetes, from one of your posts on the ADA board defending one of the members there as well as here, I checked tudiabetes out and liked what I saw so I joined last week, thanks for the heads up! And I’ve since seen a lot of the ADA type 1 board posting here.

Back to the subject at hand, I don’t know yet whether it will be covered, but thought it was worth a try. I think you use the Flexifix tape don’t you? I’ve used the IV 3000 a couple of times and liked it but thought I would try the Flexifix too. If BCBS won’t pay I’m only out $30 plus shipping from American Diabetes Wholesale, and it looks like it will last a long time.