Need advice on tatoos

My wife has major involment in breast cancer awareness-for the cure and wants to get tatoo ( her first) and I said I would ask you ,my freinds as allready dealing witha "permanent " situation may be able to advise.

Not really sure what kind of advice you’re asking for. I have a few tatoos myself and love them. Are you asking if it’s ok for a diabetic to get a tatoo? or just tatoo advice in general?

As long as you’re in good control of your diabetes you should have no problems with getting a tatoo. Try to avoid extremities like feet, because the circulation to those areas may not be as good. I have 3 and they all healed perfectly fine. I even have one on my ankle, and it wasn’t an issue for me.

Tatoos in general I think are great if she wants one. I have never regretted mine. My advice would be to not rush out and get one, but to think about it for a while. Make sure it’s something that you and she are comfortable with ( it’s her body, so she has the say. But you’ll have to look at it every day too, as her husband.) or something close to your heart, not just something that is interesting to you now, but may not be in the future. I also suggest getting it somewhere that has the option of being hidden. I don’t like to hide mine, but I made sure it was an option because you never know when you’ll need to. I think if this is something she’s thought about for a while and really wants, that she should go for it! My suggestion would be to play around with sizing and placement. If I had to change any one thing about my tatoos, I would make them a little bigger. I was nervous and didn’t want them to look too huge at the time. You could even draw a mock version on with a pen and see if you like it in that particular spot. Just remember that it won’t go away and you can’t go back and change it. Take the time to get it done right the first time and you’ll be happy.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

It will be there for life.You just need to think long and hard about it. I have one tattoo and it is close to my heart (literally and figuratively). Mine is on my rib cage a little above my bellybutton and more towards the front of my body. It’s meant for my fight with diabetes, Only the Strong Survive.

I too have tattoos. I have not regretted any of mine and plan on getting another one soon. Amanda, I love the thought of having one for diabetes. I’ve been trying to come up with one but haven’t figured it out yet.