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Hello there. I have been a paradigm pump user for the past 5 years and do not love the system for many reasons. For example, the Paradign apparently communicates well with the Bayer Glucose meter, however, my insurance won't pay for Bayer, only for the One Touch, and although it reads it as well, I feel that I'm stuck with old clunky technology. The Minimed CGM costs and arm and leg and then it finally broke and it feels so 19th century, so I purchased Dexcom CGM instead which worked great and was very accurate but unfortunately sensors are costly to replace and just out of my reach. I also lost the Dexcom, perhaps a message from God, and now I don't have a CGM, I'm running out of supplies for my Paradign pump and I'm tired of all this technology that I feel it is being controlled by some Wall street investor. So, I need to make my move,

It just doesn't make sense why there isn't a system where you have the pump and sensor in one unit which are controlled by an app on a smart phone! We use our phones all the time, but no one, as far as I know, had come up with an app that communicates with a pump and CGM and a Glucose meter as well. Can this be so far our of our reach?

Any how, I'm hoping for sound advise on my next big investment. thanks fe

One suggestion that worked for me a year or so ago...I needed a new One Touch and, of course, Medtronic was no longer carrying them. So I called Lifescan and explained that I didn't want to switch, but if I had to, they'd lose my business on test strips. They managed to come up with another One Touch Link meter for me.


Call your insurance company again and ask about what to do to override the policy. Ask to go as high as you can to talk to a supervisor, not justthe person who anwers the phone.Call Medtronic. You may qualify for a new pump after 5 years. The Bayer contour Next link meter comes with the new Paradigm 530 g pump, It even has Medtronic printed on it. As for the CGM,I use the Enlite sensors with mine, and I like them. IMHO,they are far more accurate than the MM soft sensors were.
Can you get your dr. to write a medical necessity letter for the strips? That letter can be used to get an override on the insurance denial of coverage, as part of the prior written authorization. I did this to get my Bayer Contour strips covered in 2014 by my insurance company I also went to the Bayer website to get a co-pay card, which diminishes the price. You can get the strips, it just takes a few persistent phone calls and a bit of paperwork from your doctor.

Can't help with the apps. Technology is my second, not my native tongue.(lol)

God bless