Need some advice on something

First of all. Hello. I'm still here, i've been by everyday, but with work and shopping, just never get the chance to actually settle down in my chair and peek in on the communities goings ons. Hope all is well with everyone. I'm doing fine. Had a bit of a realization that I can't just go Christmas shopping for hours at a time without making sure I have a snack to nibble on and probably best for me to go after I take my med. I would be out for hours and hours and not even think about eating. Comes with the territory i guess huh.

Anywho, that wasn't what this post is mainly about, it's about Football. Specifically, attending a football game. I will be attending the Christmas Eve, Monday Night game with my Chargers vs the Broncos. This will be the first time I've attended a game since being diagnosed last month. I totally didn't realize it until late last night, can I bring in my glucose meter? What am I going to eat? Just so many other things to think about now.

Now I've been reading over there policies/procedures and I still just don't know. I assume that I could, but then again, who knows right? Plus, I will be taking the Trolley there, so there is no where to store it if I am not allowed. The food question, that's simple, bring my own and just eat it and take my med then (the game starts around the time I would start getting food ready for dinner).

So, here I am, asking for some advice, all of it, very much appreciated. I did email the stadium admins, and will be calling customer service on Monday morning.


Now, time to post some pictures. =)

call and ask the stadium what their policy is.

If you take insulin you can carry a bag and your supplies. I have never had a problem taking needles or insulin anywhere. you can take almonds, instant carnation drinks(w/o sugar). glucose tablets(if it gets lows) or know how many carbs of the food they have @ the stadium. GOOD LUCK

I just flew and had no problem getting through security with my insulin, needles, juice, granola bars, glucagon, etc. Also might check into a doctor’s statement to carry in your diabetic bag. I have found that has come in handy for me.

Thank you both for the advice. I’m still trying to contact guest services. You call the number, you dial the extension, line busy, line busy, line busy good bye. WTF. Three tries and then they disconnect.

I’m bringing it anyways, if i can’t get a hold of anyone before it starts. Sadly, i know i’m not the only one attending that has diabetes. I should be ok, I mean, if you can fly and had not problems with security, getting into a stadium shouldn’t be any problem, i mean, it isn’t like i’m attending a Chargers/Raiders game. =D

I finally got a hold of someone, she said that i just needed to check in at a certain gate. Said it shouldn’t be a problem. So yay! happy dance