I won, now what?

My “weekend” changes every 2 weeks. Next week I have Thurs/Friday off but am taking Wednesay off for something I’ve never thought possible.

I put $10 into a contest to benefit the United Way to win one of 2 pairs for center ice tickets to the St. Louis Blues game home opener here at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, MO.


Now I never win anything and when I do, it’s something small.

But these are AWESOME SEATS and worth a lot of money!

My son and I have never been to any hockey games ever so this is a real treat!

Now my question to you is this: They have a policy of only allowing a gallon size clear plastic bag inside and no outside food or drink.

I’ve asked the venue what exceptions are made for diabetics and they couldn’t tell me but instead put me through to someones voicemail who hasn’t called me back yet.

What should I expect? What should I say if I get the person live?

I obviously want to bring my diabetic bag with things like extra pen/needles/wipes etc. and some glucose tabs.

But do you think I can get away with things like:

  • bottle of water?
  • Nuts or other healthy snacks?
  • a small cooler with things like hard boiled eggs? Olives? Cheese?

Do you think I should get a note from my endo?

I know I could get all this inside, but it is way too expensive and I don’t have the money to purchase concession food.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I checked out their website, and I would send them an email and message them on their Facebook page. I would make sure you use the words “disabled” or “disability” or “Americans with Disabilities Act” it the subject line. I would ask what - not if - accommodations are available under the ADA for what ever it is you are seeking, and I would be very specific. I would be surprised if you did not get a response.

Keep us posted! I am really curious to find out their response.


I sure will. they have a disability phone # I can call on Monday.

What would you say though is reasonable accommodations for me?

Would it be going to far to ask to bring in a small cooler with vegies and hard boiled eggs?

Sometimes they have a separate check in area. However recently I read a story where a type 1 wasn’t allowed any hypo snacks to be brought into a concert and I think she was filing a lawsuit. So you never know. So I would try to make sure to check in with them beforehand and get a name at least to refer too if you have issues once you get there.

Personally I think a cooler is pushing it as they have to worry about where you are going to place it and people tripping over things etc…but that’s just me.

Can you sew?

I can sew the Empire state building into a pair of jeans with hidden pockets
– Almost –

I would normally agree about the cooler, but the one I have is very small and fits under a seat. We’ve been to this venue before with the same cooler for a concert and they had no problems. Just wondering if I’m going to have an issue with it being a hockey game with many, many more people and such close seats.

I’ve since emailed my endo for a note and will be contacting disability services at the venue as well.

I think its like going to the movies. You wear a big jacket/cargo pants with a lot of pockets (or a man bag) and fill it to the brim.

Wear a jacket with lots of pockets like the previous poster suggested. I’d totally sneak in hard-boiled eggs, olives and cheese in. They aren’t bulky like bag of chips so you should be able to sneak them in just fine. If I were you I wouldn’t worry about keeping them cold (like in a cooler) either. A few hours at room temp I’d suspect should be fine, especially since the ice hockey arena is kept cool.

Forgot to mention, you may not be able to bring in a bottle of water but you may be able to bring in an empty reusable water bottle and fill it up there. That’s how it is with some of the venues here in California.

You should decide what is reasonable for you.

Another thought: Do you have a Frio? I have a large one that I use when I go hiking or on day trips. I put an insulin pen in there just in case and you can put small snacks that you want to keep cold in it as well.

Cargo pants is a great idea.

I’ve gone to concerts here at Gillette Stadium, and have had no problem bringing in supplies. I’ve called the head of security and they usually call back fairly quickly. They also take down my name and tell me to tell them at the gate that I’m diabetic and am bringing in a small cooler with supplies and that it’s been approved. Never had a problem, but the security office told me to have the gate call them if given a hard time…never had to do that. You might want to call back again…sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Oh…I do tell them that I’m bringing in water and some snacks and that if I have a low or start to dehydrate, I won’t be able to get to the concession stands fast enough…and wouldn’t they rather make an exception for me to bring in the cooler than have the entire crowd interrupted by the ambulance crew that will have to be called to rescue me if I pass out? Hey, a little creative blackmail works!


My endo is so awesome! He wrote an note for me and once they saw that, I sailed right through!

I packed a small cooler with:

  • 12 hard boiled eggs (shared with my son)
  • Mozzarella cheese sticks
  • 4 bottles of water (shared)
  • Baby carrots
  • Dollar store dehydrated airy pea snappy things
  • Almonds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Grapes

We got there around 3pm and left at 10:30ish.

While there, we also had one taco each and a hot dog with bun.

We had a blast.

Around 3:45 they had a rally where the blues players and the Stanley cup walked the blue carpet to a stage. We were abut 3 deep and occasionally people moved to let my son up at the barrier so he got to shake a few hands.

Doors opened around 5:30 and around 6:30 they had a wonderful pregame festival where they presented the Stanley Cup and raised the championship banner.

The game itself was very exciting.Neither my son nor myself had ever been to a Blues game before. Unforunately, we lost, but we still had a great time.