My insurance only covers accu-chek. I havent used one of these brands in years. I love my freestyle lite and will be very sad when strips run out (I stocked up).

The Accuchek Compact plus looks cool. Does it need a case? I like to pack my purse as light as possible. Any other favorite accu-chek meters?

I loved my Accu-chek Aviva. I only stopped using it because I went on the Ping which uses One Touch. I found it very accurate and easy to use and liked the larger strips, plus 50 to a box instead of the 25 of my one touch. I have hated all other lancing devices compared to the accu-chek with it’s drum, and so I kept the lancing device to use with my one touch.

We used the accu chek compact plus. I really love it for night because you don’t have to fumble around getting a strip in the slot – so much easier if my daughter is feeling low or I am very sleepy. Our insurance won’t pay for accu cheks anymore, but I’ve been paying out of pocket to have some on hand for night time. The compact plus is a bigger meter than some, and it does make noise when you turn it on (the drum cartridge turns and spits out a strip). It is a bit clunky, but I love the drum. I don’t know about the other meters in the line. Hope that helps.

I use the AccuChek Avvia and really like it,. It is very accurate and I test it against the lab to make sure,.

I like the Accuchek compact plus too. Since my Dx 12 years ago, I have only used accuchek products. I find their meters to be accurate for me and I do like the drum cartridge which eliminates fiddling with test strips when I am low or at nite. I usually carry the Plus in the case 'cause I don’t want to scratch the screen.

Forgot to add – we’ve never kept our in the cases. They’ve been in backpacks, purses, cars without cases. Accu chek is excellent about replacing meters if they stop working too, they have excellent customer service. I think we had 3 replaced in 3 years, but my daughter is not ultra careful with them…they’ve held up pretty well.

I always used the Accu-Chek compact plus until I went on the Ping and started using one touch products. What I really like about Accu-Chek is that if you don’t get quite enough blood on the strip, you can add to it before it begins reading. One Touch you can’t do that and I’ve burned plenty of strips because of it. Also, I really liked not having to fool with the strips because they are in the drum. Plus, the people at Accu-Chek are really great in customer service.

I too switched from Accu-Chek which I liked a lot, to One Touch when I got my Ping, though I kept the Accu-chek lancing device. I too was frustrated with losing strips due to not enough blood and I learned a little trick. When I apply the blood to the strip, I automatically tap it a couple times, this helps the blood “fill in” the last little bit of the strip in case it’s a marginal amount. It works really well.

Thanks, that’s really a neat trick. I’ll try it.

I never really got into the accu-chek lancing device, especially the one that holds the lancets. I always really liked my BD lancing device with the BD lancets. I used those for a while even after moving to the Ping, Then my Animas rep encouraged me to try the Delica. I think the Delica actually hurts me more than the BD lancets, even though they are the same gauge lancet. Maybe it’s what you get used to and all. It’s pProbably more about me than the lancing device or lancet, lol.