Need to get creative for my nurse tomorrow!

I am going on a carb counting course tomorrow. It's called UCAIRE, it is similar to DAFNE. I was instructed to write down all blood sugar levels, all carb consumed and all insulin doses given for 6 days prior to.. tomorrow.

I am terrible at writing my levels down normally, so to keep note of all the rest was a challenge. A challenge in which I failed. I began the 6 day slog well, I even bought a cool looking note book to try and motivate me to keep all this data written down. I have 1 meal left before my UCAIRE course in the morning, and i've about 18 meals left accountable for. I think I best get creative tonight and make up some imaginary numbers. But then i'm a bit annoyed at myself because, whatever advise on ratios they give me tomorrow, will be of no use to me at all. Because it will all be based on fake data.

I'm terrible at logging & get a big red F in that area. Why don't you reschedule so you can have something legit to show? No point in faking it. Waste of your time & theirs.

these courses only happen twice a year! I will learn things out of this course, I just need to somehow get over the first session, as by the next session on Thursday, I should have some honest data to show... as I WILL write down my data now hehe... i've tried everything for recording stuff, iphone apps, notebooks, even voice recorder on my phone but nothing works lol x

Ooo, that's a problem. As long as you'll have something real to show for the other sessions.

I would go and just say "I have a problem here". Carb counting is about method and motivation. They can use fake numbers tomorrow to teach you and when you'll get your numbers you can apply that.
Teaching carb counting should not be only about math, but should motivate and show the freedom your "lazyness" inhibit you to taste.

Do you know iBGStar link? It could help you take down your numbers in a more funny and easy way.

aah yes I do have that iphone app, and I have the ibgstar meter too but i find it to small to use, especially when trying to test my blood when I am low as it is so small! I have been using the app now and then but it's time like when i'm at work, I don't have time or i get side tracked or whatever the reason, I forget, and when I go to write them down later... I cannot ever remember insulin doses etc hehe... I will go tomorrow with 1 day of honest results, and then vow to take records of everything from now on :)

If you test your bg daily it should have the time and date for each test you can use those numbers and take a guess at what you ate better than nothing I hope.