Need to speak with athletes with Diabetes

Hi there! I am looking to interview some competitive athletes about their Diabetes, either T1 or 2 or Other. If there is anyone willing to talk with me over Skype or locally in St. Louis, I’d love to put together a segment for our podcast -

Please contact me through my inbox or email!


This group should help:

Thanks, as usual, Manny! Appreciate it!

Also contact the group


Heh - my doctor said that TEACHING doesn’t count!

Thanks, Terry. Will do!

Hey Andy! I did an interview with some triabetics at…our podcast is suspended for the time being. I would have LOVED to talk with you, especially getting the T2 perspective. My interviewee is T1.

Perhaps when and if we get the podcast up and running, I can revisit this subject! But thanks so much for the offer, Andy!