Need your help on survey about talking about diabetes


Hi Folks!

After living with diabetes for 37 yrs, I left my marketing career and went back to school to study the "social" side of living with diabetes. In my experience, diabetes kinda became a part of everyday life and slipped into the background (not taking care of it, but being focused on it). Yet I found that when I was starting new relationships, new jobs or when something got out of whack, talking about it was the the thing that either made everything okay, or screwed it up... So here I am... working on my phd dissertation now at almost-49 and trying to get out of school before I own the national debt. Any help by y'all in getting involved would be much appreciated and earn you major karma points! :) The info below tells you a little about the online survey, and what you need to do to get started. MANY THANKS!

** A Confidential Online Survey on Talking about Diabetes **

For people with diabetes, the disease may seem to 'pop up' in all kinds of everyday conversations. Sometimes talks like these may be helpful or feel supportive, but other times they may be frustrating or more. I'm interested in learning about what people with diabetes, and their friends/family members think about talks they've had.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: 1. Anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes (NOT just pre-diabetes) OR 2. Anyone who is a friend or family member of someone with diabetes. In either case, the person must be at least 18 years old and able to read English.

Send an email to You must put in the subject line "With diabetes" OR "Friend/Family", depending on which best describes you. I'll send you an email back with a weblink just for you. (These links can NOT be forwarded, so if you know someone else, have him/her send their own email, okay?)

Questions? You can reach me at the same email address.. cheers!