Needing help getting started back on low-carb

I have gotten up to 230 lbs. I want to be around 170 lbs. I have lost weight before doing low-carb, but have forgotten what to do. Is it low carb, high fat, or low-carb, high protein? How much do I need to eat of carbs, fats, proteins, calories, etc ? Running a lot, like 6 miles a day , helped me last time I was doing this and I got into ketosis. Just needing to know some basics before starting again. Thanks! What are some good foods, fats, ideas, etc.

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some great ideas here

and if you search our recipes category, you’ll find lots of ideas


Usually it is low carb high fat moderate protein. I think it will vary for everyone. Good fats are olive oil, nuts, butter/cheese, coconut oil, omega3 in fish. Veggies are good, berries are low carb. I find a lot of fruits are ok for me. Fish and chicken are better than other meats if you eat meat.

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will i need to lower my basal rates? i guess just keep an eye on them at least.

I would just keep an eye on things and adjust as you see fit.

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do you try to get into ketosis?

@Cocheze is it ok for a diabetic to get into Ketosis do you know?

dietary ketones 1-3 …with normal blood glucose levels are fine.other than that T1’s would follow sick day rules

I don’t but a recent urine test showed I had +1

yes ketosis from lack of carbs but if you’re sugar is sky high then you could be in DKA