Negative blood type

I have a question does anyone have an negative blood type and their partners are positive? After my miscarriage I found out I am negative and hubs is positive and the baby was also positive and our blood may have mixed. I got a rhogam shot and so far do not have any antibodies but wont find out for sure that I did not produce any till after my period to get another blood test and then I will be cleared to try again. And then for any future pregnancies I will have to have the rhogam shot at the beginning, at 28 weeks and then right before delivery and if I have any bleeding at all. Has anyone else gone through this? And if so did it make the pregnancy any harder? Just wondering what I should expect now that not only am I diabetic and that makes things difficult but also have a weird blood type.

Hi Kendyl- I am O negative and my husband is A positive, I'm 26 weeks pregnant now and I've been okay. I did miscarry very early on with a pregnancy last Sept/Oct but I didn't know until this pregnancy that I was negative so they tested me for antibodies. I hadn't created any so they aren't giving me the rhogam until I'm 28 weeks and then again after the birth. I bled a little at the beginning of this pregnancy but again, they said I had no antibodies so they haven't given me the shot yet. Really, I know a lot of people where the blood types conflict and it hasn't been a problem. I haven't noticed any additional complications because of it and the diabetes so hopefully that will be the same for you. Good luck and sorry again for your loss.

I am O- and my hubby is A+, so shots for me the whole time! It shouldn't affect you unless there was bleeding without the Rhogam shot.

I'm Rh- and miscarried two years ago. Rhogam was given after miscarriage. I got pregnant again, and had serious bleeding at 17w. Got Rhogam again. Another shot of Rhogam at 28w and again at 34w and again after delivery. Baby was delivered healthy. No side effects that I know of from the Rhogam shots.

This pregnancy (I'm currently almost 35w) I haven't gotten any Rhogam at all because as soon as we found out I was pregnant, I had my husband go and get blood work done to see what his Rh factor is. He turned out to be Rh- as well, which means NO RHOGAM NEEDED FOR ME! yay! One less set of shots I need to worry about. :)

So you had all those shots before for no reason??
I'm O- so I asked my husband to go find out his blood type, once we know that i guess i'll have to take the shots :/

I'm O- and my husband is O+ I am 34 weeks pregnant and so far so good. I got the rh shot at 28 weeks. I was told if I want more children I'll need to get this shot again.