Neophyte question, about BG levels

I am really new with this, and at this time only testing twice a day and keeping a record of the results…which looks like EKG on the chart.
I have noticed something that seems counter intuitive to what I was expecting.

I have noticed that I sometimes get levels in the morning that are higher than they were at bedtime.
Bedtime would be 3 or 4 hours after eating,and it would 8 or 9 hours after eating when I do the a.m. check.
Not a lot higher, but higher.

Can anyone enlighten me why that would happen?

There can be a lot of reasons why BG goes up and down - its not just food.

In the morning, you could have the “Dawn Phenomenon” - a number of hormones work together to raise BG in preparation for rising. It could be the somogyi effect - a rebound from an overnight low (I dont suspect that is the case here, because you are T2 and probably not on insulin).

If you want to get a handle on your BG, I suggest testing just before eating, then 60 and/or 120 mins after. Do this for a few days and record it. You will being to get a feeling for what your fasting levels are (before eating) and what the various types of food you eat are doing to you (after eating). Test again at bedtime.

Your BG will rise and drop in response to a number of factors throughout the day - exercise, stress, food, time of day… Twice a day testing just isn’t enough to get a handle on the whole process. See here for a “typical” BG of a non-diabetic around a single meal: (look at the dark blue line). Also, should be recommended reading.

I also suggest you read “The Diabetes Solution” by Bernstein - that is a fantastic intro to the processes going on (or not going on) in your body as a diabetic, and how you can work around what you have.

All the best with it.
Paul (T1.5)

Welcome to our community. And welcome to Dawn Phenomenon:) It’s more common in Type 1s, but Type 2s can experience this also.

Ask your doctor for an Rx to test more often. Some docs don’t believe T2s need to test frequently, but it’s the best way to learn how food & activity effect you.

Second Paul’s suggestion about getting Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution.