Rising Fasting BG

I had my every-four-months fasting blood draw this morning. I checked my BG level when I bounded out of bed at 6:30, and it was 92 mg/dL. I thought that was remarkably low for me; it’s usually in the 115-120 range. I checked it again at 8:00 right before I left to go to the lab, so I could see how my meter reading compared to the lab results. At 8:00 my BG was 120 mg/dL. I’d only had a large glass of water, so I am wondering where this rise came from. Is it common for fasting levels to continue to rise for a few hours? Or could it just be a delayed dawn phenomenon? I was already wide awake at 6:30, so I would think all those good morning hormones had already kicked in.

Your fasting levels can rise just with the effort of getting showerd, dressed and ready to head out the door. Happens all of the time for me. ALso, there may be some adrenaline going getting ready for the lab work. Maske sure when you check the lab versus your meter - you use blood from your finger tip stick, not the lab draw blood (will be different).

My sugars can be at 86 when i wake uo at 6 am but at 8:15 they are 123. sugars goes up once you get out of bed… delayed phenomenon

Also, remember that meters aren’t 100% accurate. They can be +/- 20% off, so your sugars could not have been that far off from each other after all.

I’ve found that if I don’t inject & eat right away my numbers steadily increase, so I’ve experienced the same thing. I have to eat breakfast & have a terrible time getting BG down if I skip breakfast.

Thanks, I’m glad to hear this wasn’t too abnormal. I always eat pretty soon after getting up (or immediately work out, then eat), so I don’t usually have the opportunity to check my numbers twice in a fasted state.

Not abnormal at all:)

The worst I’ve had was for fasting blood tests. The lab was really behind & I waited several hours, plus the time it took to drive there.

Our bodies are geared up for activity & with no food the liver keeps dumping–continued dawn phenomenon.