Never touching pizza again

Well tonight I remembered why I keep avoiding pizza. I haven’ t figured out how to do a bolus for it yet, but I have for most other foods. I am in the 400 range and I have been trying to get it down for 2 hours. I swear to god pizza is now out of my diet for GOOD.

I can definitely relate. Pizza is a hard food to manage. I found a frozen pizza that I make, which I can accurately carb count and bolus for using dual wave bolus. But I hit those high numbers too. Sometimes.

Hope that things are back to normal by now.

Yea I had to page my dr and we have decided to add Symlin back into the mix before meals to see if that helps like it helped before. He told me not to go to bed until I was at least 150 and last I checked I was 144. But I am staying up a bit later to make sure I am not going to bottom out. For some reason I almost always bottom out after rebounding from a high, even if I don’t take that much insulin.

I experience the same thing. Hope that your numbers stay stable and that you can sleep soon. It’s so great that you have such a helpful doctor!!!

Yea I am on of the luckier ones here with dr. He is a GP but he is great with me and the diabetes. He listens to me and what I say and he said he uses a lot of what I have told him with his other diabetic patients. I am just worried about the low later tonight so i have a glucagon kit by my bed in case.

I make my own pizza, and after a LOT of trial and error, I have found that making it THIN crust makes a big difference as does not using any pizza/tomato sauce. I use a little olive oil and fresh chopped garlic instead of the pizza sauce (a trick a fellow diabetic friend taught me) and use lots of cheese and meats so it has plenty of protein. I’ve gone from making 2 pizza’s with the amount of dough my bread maker recipe makes, to 3 large pizzas, and only have 2 slices for a meal. This means between my husband and I we have half of a pizza when I make it and then divide up the rest into 5 half-pizza’s that go in the freezer. These make our Sunday meals for the next 5 weeks. I also use a little splenda in place of sugar in the dough recipe.