New A1C


October 1st was Olivia’s endocrinologist appt. at Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital. My husband and I knew that today was the day that we find out how we have been managing Olivia’s diabetes for the last three months. I felt like a child waiting to see his/her report card. I felt nervous. Olivia’s last A1C’s were 11.6 @ dx and then 10.6 a month later. Today Olivia’s A1C test came back at 8.2. My husband and I felt pretty good about that number, but we know that we have some work to do to get it down into the 7s. Desisred ranges for someone with diabetes who is below six years of age is somewhere between 7.5 and 8.5 so overall we were happy with the results. For my family and friends that might not know about what an A1C is…it is a blood test that Olivia will have done every three months. This test has been done by way of a venous blood draw. It reflects how often the blood sugars have been high for every second of the past three months. It is the only way to know how a person with diabetes is doing managing this disease. The test is very important in relation to diabetes complications (eye, kidney, nerve damage, etc.) So my husband and I will continue to manage her diabetes the best way we know how and try our best to educate Olivia. Here is Olivia waiting to see her endocrinologist. Our next appointment - January 16th!