New A1C

New A1C results in from Monday’s visit to my GP: 5.2. A little higher, but not catastrophically so. (Yay!) There was a lot less hypoglycemia during this last three months as I did take my endo’s advice and start surfing a little higher so as to avoid the nasty lows.

I have been eating a lot of fudge lately but with January that should cease. I have also been eating a lot of vegetables (turnips are my new favorite potato replacement) and that will continue on unabated into the new year. They’re just safer.

Still not managing a multivitamin with any coherent schedule, and my thyroid is being a bit flaky. I go back into the endo’s office for a visit tomorrow and we get to adjust that medication. Supposedly my cholesterol is fine but I won’t have the numbers until I get the full blood profile results in the mail.

Not a bad way to end my first six months! Boxing Day is in fact the six month anniversary of my diagnosis and I will have to come up with something special to do for it.

That’s a good A1C.
Isn’t it easy to manage diabetes once you figure out food? There’s so much that can be done with vegetables.

Very true!