New Book For Kids With Type 1

Hey, TuD fam!

You know that talking about diabetes symptoms can be challenging. Helping young people develop the language is something that can be particularly difficult for parents that do not have diabetes themselves. For that reason, @Ginger_Vieira and I have self-published WHEN I GO LOW.

The book starts with Jax the Cat telling his mom that can’t explain how it feels to go low. He then goes on a journey to meet friends who help him describe the symptoms.


Our website ( also has some free downloadable activity sheets to accompany the book.

Since we are self-published, we would love any advice on how we can market this book to get it into the hands of more families of t1d kids.


You are the best Mike !!!


Probably your market will increase with covid as they think they see that there are more t1s being diagnosed. You might send some free copies to ER’s, clinics, or schools where they have kids waiting for long periods of time. Maybe that helps get the ball rolling. Probably sending copies to JDRF or International Diabetes Center clinics is the best targeted marketing.