New author in the community! Children's Picture Book!

Omg, great news from our dear @mrmikelawson

Wishing him all the best!


Congratulations Mike.



Congratulations, and what a great topic for your book.

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Congrats! How wonderful!

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Here the link to Mike’s book:

And some VERY cute printable coloring and activity sheets or you can link directly-

Hey, Tudiabetes!

I wanted to tell you some good news. I wrote and illustrated a picture book! You may remember some of my little doodles appearing here on TuD - I created a little character that we used to promote programs here for a while.

I just published a children’s book for young people with diabetes, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

My new book is called OPEN UP YOUR BAG: A Diabetes Picture Book - and you can read more about it on my website: You can also purchase the book directly on Amazon here —>

The book contains some really simple language and encourages young people to develop and normalize their daily management routine. My goal is to get the book in front of as many young people as possible…and I’d love any help you guys could give me!

If you were interested in winning a free copy, check out the giveaway hosted by!


Congrats on the book debut! I think your work will help young families adapt to the diabetes routine and ease the fears of little ones who will understand they are not the only ones who must deal with diabetes. I hope to cross paths with you sometime!