Dexcom adhesive help

I have only been using the Dexcom G5 for about 2 weeks now. I am really enjoying it and I feel that it’s already helped me with managing my glucose levels. However, the adhesive doesn’t seem to last very long. If anyone else has this problem, what do you suggest to help fix that problem?

I’ve been using a Dexcom CGM for the last 6 years. I can get the sensor adhesive to stick dependably for 14 days or more. Here’s my protocol. I wash the skin using a wash rag with hot water and soap. I dry the skin with a clean hand towel and “rough up the skin” a little. Next, I use a hair dryer to fully dry the area. Then I apply the Dex sensor bandage and apply strong pressure with my fingertips.

Once the transmitter is mounted and the sensor session started, I paint Skin-Tac liquid adhesive over the top of the Dex bandage overlapping the edge onto the surrounding skin. The hair dryer is used once more to thoroughly dry the Skin-Tac.

I buy the 4 ounce bottle of Skin-Tac from Amazon. It has a small spherical swab applicator attached by a stick to the underside of the lid.

To get the sticky skin-Tac off my fingertips, I use butter.

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That sounds awesome! Thank you! I’ll have to try it. Making my way to Amazon now.

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please use Amazon Smile when you do! it benefits us.

Well … more precisely, it benefits TuDiabetes IF you designate Diabetes Hands Foundation as your charity choice when setting up Amazon Smile.

If you’ve already selected another charity but want to switch, then you’d need to go your account Settings and use “Change Your Charity”

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There are also videos on YouTube and (I assume) other video sites about overtaping the Dexcom to reinforce a sensor’s adhesive patch. The two below are just ones I found by doing a quick glance. Not especially recommending them, just throwing them out there in case they might be of some use to you or someone else.

###Dexcom G4 opsite flexifix tape template (5m 38s)

###How to get more mileage out of your Dexcom CGM (4m 00s)

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Flexifix is awesome stuff, but it’s important to understand that it shouldn’t be used by itself and it should be replaced frequently. It adheres very well to skin, but if there is no liquid adhesive left, it will cause the sensor to move ever so slightly which can be painful and leave scar tissue.

Skin-Tac liquid is also good stuff, but I honestly don’t use either one anymore.

It sounds silly and I’m not suggesting anyone else try this, but I use KrazyGlue when I need to keep the sensor on a few days longer. It’s cheap, easy to find, doesn’t irritate my skin, and if I want to remove it I just go to the gym, get a sweat going, and then it comes off pretty easy.

I’m currently on my 9th day with this sensor and I haven’t used ANYTHING extra to keep it attached.

My process for a new sensor looks something like this:
-Shave the application site (even tiny hairs seem to have a negative effect for me)

  • take a hot shower and exfoliate the application site. It helps to remove dead skin and oil from my pores. I also don’t use a deodorant body wash for this particular process (don’t worry, I do otherwise, lol)
    -After I try it off I rub the area down with an alcohol wipe, air/blow dry, and then stick the sensor on.

To put it into perspective I was only getting 3-4 days out of a sensor before the adhesive started to come unstuck. I workout heavily 6-7 days a week and sweat enough to cover my entire shirt with sweat (sorry for the visual, just trying to explain that I sweat a lot).

Thanks! I really appreciate all the input!

I use the liquid skin Tac but I “paint” the edges of the sensor pad before I apply it. I also keep the skin Tac wipes around for when I travel.

Will Skin Tac readhere the sensor adhesive’s edges when they start to curl up? I’ve been looking for something I could paint over the top to soak through the adhesive patch and restick it.

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I was planning on replacing my sensor today so I tried this out for you…long story short, no it doesn’t work.

Skintac is similar in consistency to pine tar (if you know what that feels like). It’s a good adhesion promoter but it’s not a glue.

No, I tried this and it doesn’t work. At that point, if I think I get more time out of the sensor, I’ll use some tape to tape over the edges.