New combi Dexcom and pomp in one

does it require 2 insertions?

Vibe isn't yet available in the United States. I contacted Animas about the availability timeline in the states and their rep told me "We are hoping to have some information about when it may be made available within the next 2 years". Note that he didn't say it would be available in two years, just that they hope to be able to guess when it might be.

I actually contacted Animas in the U.K. regarding the Vibe since it is already available there. I was told Animas in the United States was going to file the paperwork for obtaining FDA approval of the Vibe in the second quarter of this year. After that is done, it is all up to the FDA as to if and when it will be available. From what I was told, it will not be before 2013.

Oh my! I got sooo excited when I saw this! I am getting ready to switch to an animas pump from a minimed pump. I have hopes of being able to use the Dexcom combi in the future. I was looking through all the information in this website with such enthusiasm. Then I noticed it is the UK website. Sigh. Oh well. I will still switch to the Animas Ping looking hopefully toward the future US approval and introduction of the combi.

Yes, I heard from my Animas rep. last week that it was just submitted for approval. When I first saw this link, I hoped I'd misunderstood and that is was available!

We have it now in Holland, so I think i have to got it.....use the Dexom now for a year and will have an other pump soon. so it will be a good combi...My insurance covered everything so that's no problem

one or 2 insertion sites? please advise.

Yes, unfortunately I think we will be lucky to see it by 2014 here in the US.

There will be 2 different insertion sites.

The sensor will last 7+ days. The insulin infusion set needs to be changed more often, and needs to be 3+ inches away from sensor.