New Dexcom App Messing up Volume on iPhone

So the new app is messing up the volume on my iPhone while listening to music. The volume will randomly go down for a few seconds, then back up. The app is NOT sending out an active alert. If I go into the app, the volume will go down the entire time I am in the app (to the same level that its reducing to during the random drops).

I know its the app because the change to my phone is that I started up a sensor after not wearing one for 2 months on Sunday (ran out of transmitters and had insurance/Dr issues).

This is driving me crazy as I use my phone for music in my car, at work, and at night to go to sleep.

I should add I am using the 1.7.5 version of the app on an iPhone 7Plus, running iOS 11.2.6. I updated to 11.2.6 last night hoping that might stop it (nope).

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So have u contacted Dexcom support?

I have had the same problem since doing the latest iphone update. So frustrating!

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Yes. Sent an email to tech support. Got the automated response. Didn’t have time to call them today.

I have talked to support about the issue. Their response shows how little they care. “We know of these issues. There could be an update in an hour, or in 6 months. We don’t know when.”

Dexcom Tech Support is 24x7x365

Nothing wrong with an 11 PM call when your day is finally winding down.

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Just talked to their TechSupport based on my App review. They know of the issue. They acknowledge it is causing this, but they don’t have a short term fix. He could not give me a timeframe for a fix.