Dexcom update playing havoc with iPhone audio

I recently updated to the newest version of dexcom app on my iPhone and it seems to interfere with listening to music in other apps (streaming or iTunes). I noticed my music shutting down repeatedly and/or going to half volume for 20 seconds or so (then returning to full volume). I’m sure it has something to do with the app as opening Dexcom has the effect of reducing the volume or pausing music, but it also happens in the background when dexcom is not on top.

I called to report this–the person I spoke to said he’d not heard of the issue. Is anyone else noticing this? Anyone come up with a setting that prevents this?

It is a recognized bug of the new app—I’m surprised the support person wasn’t aware of it. Dexcom has said they are working on a fix… It’s super annoying in the meantime and not, to my knowledge, fixable with a workaround.

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Uh oh

Based on other postings that appeared to be reliably and consistently describing serious usability issues with the most recent US based release of the G5 Mobile app, we locked down the auto-updates on the iPhone which we use in conjunction with the Dexcom G5.

Hoping a fix is released but gonna stick with what we know works. For now.