New Dexcom G5 Mobile Receiver?

I came across a picture on Instagram of someone showing their new G5 system - I thought I must be looking at a post of someone’s from another country. When was this new receiver released? Looks more like the mobile app.

I was just put on a Dexcom5 in June and mine looks nothing like that. It does look just like the iPhone app. I tend to use my phone more anyway but that is interesting.

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Nice! That gives a good rundown of the highlights. I’ve read that the alerts were enhanced with this receiver to address the problems of the former one.

Thanks for the heads up Jim. I will inquire with the rep at my next office

@Lorraine - Yes - that is the new Dexcom Touchscreen Receiver that does in fact look very similar to the mobile app. I was not aware this was released yet.
Thanks for posting this !!!

BTW - @Lorraine - if this is somebody you know/follow (no idea how instagram works) can you ask them if it supports the 3-hr backfill ?

Sure. Describe to me what that is. I’m sorry. I know people mention it all the time - we’ve never experienced a backfill issue. Is it just if you are out of range, it will update (backfill) data when you get back in? What does not provide backfill?

@Lorraine - Exactly. Gaps are backfilled up to 3 hrs in the past. However this does not work on the non-touchscreen Dexcom Receiver. The original G5 and the G4 did not and do not have this functionality. The G5 Transmitter had a firmware update around the start of 2017 (more or less) that allowed this functionality.

The Tandem t:slim X2 also includes the backfill technology.

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The manuals for the new Dexcom Touchscreen Receiver are now posted online on the Dexcom website.

Dexcom G5 Receiver (Touchscreen) - User Guide

(Page 41 & 42 of the User Guide clearly mention and show the new touchscreen receiver)

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@Lorraine - Actually - that picture is from the main Dexcom website. So, I would say there is still no proof that the new touchscreen receiver has started shipping yet?

Dexcom clearly is at least ready to ship even if they have not yet actually started shipping due to the manuals for the new touchscreen being publicly published on their website whereas previously these manuals were not obtainable directly from the Dexcom websites. Additionally, the updating of the main Dexcom website to clearly show the new touchscreen receiver indicates they are either about to ship or are shipping the new receivers.

It is quite interesting that there has not been a news release from Dexcom related to this. Perhaps Dex is waiting until Monday morning to issue their release.

In which case, you may have let the cat out of the bag. If you get a call from the Dexcom CEO upset up this, please take the opportunity to pump him for more information before you let him off the phone.
(ha ha ha ha)

Lol. I doubt I’ll be getting a call. It has started shipping - the user on Instagram received it and posted a picture of her shipment - not the one above.

Caleb must not have been out of range much, we didn’t care, or I just forgot about the non backfill issue!!

I’ll ask about backfill - not sure if they’ve started using it yet!

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THANKS for this thread… I was also surprised to just discover this new updated receiver pictured on the Dexcom website and am curious as to why there has been no communication from Dexcom about it… it seems odd they aren’t trying to sell them especially to those of us eligible for an insurance receiver replacement. while I primarily use the iphone G5 app moving around during the day, the receiver is BETTER to have on your desk, and especially in bed at night since the receiver only requires feeling for it in the dark and pressing the button to see your reading, which is much easier than unlocking your iphone and opening the app!. I’m wondering if this new touchscreen receiver will also display with just a one button press. thanks.