New Dexcom Partners (Animas, OmniPod)

Dexcom and these companies (Animas and Insulet) have announced non-exclusive agreements this week. The Omnipod, I’ve heard, is already set to go with Navigator (if Navigator is ever released). But with 18 months since the first FDA rejection, and no positive movement since, they’re creating new options. Probably, however, there won’t be actual PRODUCTS until 2009.

Obviously, carrying around only one thing (instead of two) is nice. But there’s two other BIG advantages to pump-based CGMS over the current Dexcom Receiver:

(1) They use cheap replaceable batteries. The Dex Receiver uses a rechargeable which, even if you recharge it frequently, WILL wear out over 2-3 years (SWAG). And when it does, you can’t replace the battery-- you gotta buy a whole new one.

(2) They’re waterproof-- the best waterproofing in the business (yeah Cozmo’s pretty good too. But Animas is IPX-8, Cozmo isn’t.) I have personally suffered a $450 destroyed Receiver when my DW drowned it in a tiny puddle of Soda Pop, and I know of several other victims of water-based destruction.

More choice is good. MM has no interest in partnering with anyone else, obviously. Accu-Check Disetronic, well, who gives a dang about them anymore? (Even I, a formerly loyal customer, won’t consider buying another pump from THEM.) So the elephant in the room is Deltec. I’m guessing that their Abbott contract was written in an exclusive way which prevents them from partnering with Dexcom. Too bad, because I love their pump.