Omnipod and Dexcom

I have been doing a great deal of reading on Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and especially the Dexcom Seven Plus. Since I have already met my yearly deductible I am thinking about adding CGM to my son’s pumping regiment. Our Endo is fully behind CGM and will provide the medical necessity to recieve the Dexcom. Now I am hearing that Dexcom and Omnipod are getting ready to roll out there integration in the spring and I am wondering if I should wait until this happens or go ahead and get the Dexcom now and then update whatever I need to update when the time occurs. I would assume that when Dexcom and Omnipod finally come together there will atleast be a software udpdate to the PDM to recieve a new RFID device. So you all out there that have Dexcom and Omnipod any thoughts??? What I can tell so far the upgrades are not all that much compared to the startup costs.

I faced a similar decision. I got my DexCom 7+ in June and I will start with the OmniPod tomorrow. The Insulet Territory Manager told me that integration will work only with an upgraded PDM. Thus I will either have to bear the upgrade cost or carry two remotes for some time. The downside of carrying two remotes is minor to me compared to not having a pump. And I put a higher value on the DexCom 7+ than the pump.

I had a similar concern with starting on the Animas Ping and Dexcom 7+, as they will be integrated in the new pump next year. For me, it was best to start on them both this year. I can upgrade to the new Animas with integrated Dexcom technology next year for $299. We will see if I will end up doing that.

My only advice is get the ball seriously rolling. It took a while to get the info/prescription over to Dexcom, then I found out the actual Dexcom company is out of network, so I had to order from Edgepark…I got it in time, but it took longer than expected. It is weird because even though I ordered it from Edgepark, it still gets shipped from the main Dexcom company! Weird!

I love my dexcom. I had a batch of bad sensors, but have had nothing but success with it ever since! I’m ditching minimed next year for either animas or possibly the omnipod. I just ordered their demo pod. Like many of you, I’m waiting to see how the integration with the dexcom 7 is going to be handled.

Seems to me that whenever I’ve heard something like this be out in the spring, it might mean spring of 2011. It always seems to take way longer. Anyway, I do love my Dexcom. Haven’t used it for a couple of months due to a shortage in funds and sure do miss it. Will be receiving new sensors next week!