New diabetic character depiction

USA’s most popular TV show had a type one diabetic character. Her friend gave her a shot while she was passed out sleeping outside on the ground. She was un-sexy with not a word of dialog. We discovered diabetes from a cooler labeled “insulin keep cold”. She didn’t survive a day away from a suppressive safe zone environment her friends thought they had to try to escape. I kind of relate to the character remembering when there was no blood tests or when infrequent and I had to try to focus on how I felt and any stimulation caused me to question my health and I had to keep BG elevated.

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What show is this?

The walking dead November 15 episode titled “allways accountable”

I was wondering when they’d have a character with diabetes. I’m still on Season 3. I’m watching the show very slowly, because I can only handle the violence/gore in small doses. :​)

It was an episode involving the guy with the crossbow. It was full of misunderstandings. When he looked in the dufflebag and saw the lunchpail cooler with the insulin label. He… I won’t give it away but the “extras” say the episode will begin a character growth/development. Haven’t seen him change yet. But he’s a nice guy and it never crossed his mind to not take the insulin back. But a lunch pail wouldn’t keep insulin cold long without refrigeration. The three strangers of which the diabetic gal was one were too scared making bad decisions.

Episode is here. He finds the insulin at 14 min, 30 seconds. LOL, Thanks a bunch for the heads up. So fun!

Did you relate to the voiceless character? Diabetes makes life more difficult, precarious, I hate having it.

Thanks for the link, mohe0001. I have an intense fascination with and interest in everything post-apocalyptic and The Walking Dead is the best series I’ve ever watched. But I’m too cheap to pay for anything but the most basic cable, so I have to wait until the past season comes out on (I forget if is it Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon?) It was nice to see a more recent episode.

Now I have to get serious about stockpiling more insulin for my daughter. And ammo.

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I really wish we got more airtime. That would have been fun.

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