New Diagnosis & New Treatment Plan

So… after two years of wishing for access to an insulin pump it seems my dream is coming true. I was at the clinic today, and they are submitting paperwork so I can get an insulin pump. I cannot believe it is happening! I am so excited! I hope nothing snags things. My latest and 5th diagnosis is type one weird. Well not exactly, but something like that.

I contacted my insurance and Animas. I filled out forms and had my endo fax a form to Animas. Because I live in Canada, my province has a program that will cover the cost of the pump and give me an allowance for supplies. I have to keep receipts in case they audit me.

I called around to about ten pharmacies inquiring about the prices of supplies. Thought I found a bargain when they told me 10 cartidges/resevoirs was $43.99 but when I got there, they were not. They were $75. Found them cheaper elsewhere. Waiting for pump to ship before I buy resevoirs and tubing, etc.

I can’t share my excitement with my friends and family… at least I can here. My start date is 1st week of December and not saline start. Real deal. Woohoo!

Fingers x’d, SD


oooh how exciting!!! hope everything goes smoothly.

i am very jealous over here, in the land of budget cuts for every social programme in the country so politicians can line their pockets…viva españa!

Thank you. Sorry everyone cannot have access. It’s pretty expensive even with the gov’t help so I likely won’t be saving for holidays abroad or a house any time soon. :confused: heh… still excited.

so you should be!! yeee! i bet you can t wait for november to be finished!

Mega congratulations! Hope this turns out to be a game changer for you, as it has for so many. :sunglasses:

Total game changer. Not feeling like a zombie anymore. I’m feeling almost human, again. Thanks for the well-wishes! (I started early on my own. Endo not mad at me. I don’t advise anyone else to do this, by the way.)

LOL. I started insulin on my own, though I followed up with the doc as soon as I could. :wink:

I had to start on my own, too. Doc refused to teach me. Said pharmacist would show me how. Ha!

Well, I was changing docs right about that same time. The new one is a keeper.