New doctors/NP

Hey everyone,
My hubby and I are moving sometime in the next 3 months. . . . not quite sure where. The possibilities are Albuquerque, NM and Little Rock, AR. Anyway, I wondered if any of you live near these places, and if so, who your doctor and/or nurse practitioner are. Two compassionate nurse practitioners are the only people I can credit for any progress I've made battling diabulimia. Bad, unsympathetic Dr.'s are a huge fear of mine and I'd rather not start out in a new place getting lectured by some Ahole. Been there; done that.. . tooooo many times.

Is there a network of Dr.'s or NP that specialize in treating diabulimics?

Any feedback would be appreciated!



Depending on where you move I would love to help you find a new doc/endo. I run an organization called We Are Diabetes in the US and we help people with just this sort of thing! feel free to email me at the email listed on the "about us" section of the website :)