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Hope all is well in Diabetes world today!!! Just wanted to inform you I have had to set up another page for Diabetes within Facebook, they have changed the way they set up pages so I just decided it was easier to set up a new page. My whole goal with this page is to be a shoulder to lean on, post new (GOOD) information for those living with Diabetes and just to have a voice, i guess! My son was diagnosed at age 9 and once it happened I immediately went to the internet & Facebook to become more educated about all things Diabetes Related & Children’s Hospital was my SAVIOR. I DO NOT post any ridiculous claims that honey or anything else can cure diabetes, when I first starting looking into this, I would get a lot of those emails.

As a mother, my heartbreaks for all other mothers, children, etc… living with Type 1, but I can be happy that this is NO LONGER a death sentence, it is completely manageable with proper care.

I hope that you will all join my son’s FB page, it’s really cool when I go home and share all the kind postings/concerns/questions with Rial. I think it helps him to see others have the same questions & concerns he has, so thank you all for your support.

Facebook page:


Many Thanks

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I did the same thing, but just for the city in which I live. I have met the most amazing people via the DOC, but none live in Birmingham, AL. My hope is to connect other families dealing with diabetes with local support and provide a site for families to come in the future.

Here is my site.!/pages/PODBham-Parents-of-Diabetics-Birmingham/190125034372673

Thats WONDERFUL!! We have met such wonderful people as well & they have all been oh so helpful & it became such a support for me & my son! I will definitely become a fan on your site as well! We all need to stick close together, it’s always such a daily struggle but becoming easier as the days go on & hopefully through our sites we can help others as well!

I wish you all the best!

Just realized my link was working, now it is… lol! Sorry about that.