Migration update: new video archive

Hi everyone!

This is the final sketch I have to share with you all! I have already shared sketches of our future home page, blogs page, events page, and forum category structure. Remember that all of these pages are works in progress, and some things might change as we go along. You can also read some background information about the migration project, the features which will change in this process, and features we will gain.

Below are two images, showing how we plan for the new videos archive to look and function. A few things to note:

  1. this page will be much more searchable than the one we currently have! You will be able to search videos by topic, category and speaker
  2. in the image below you will see several "category" tabs. We have not yet determined what the categories will be, but most likely things like "diet/nutrition", "policy/advocacy", "diabetes management"...
  3. this archive will only host videos uploaded in-house by folks at Diabetes Hands Foundation (live interviews, presentations at conferences, etc.), and not those uploaded by TuDiabetes community members. Community members will be encouraged to upload videos to forum discussions, within the appropriate categories, so that they become more integrated into our community conversations, rather than being in a completely separate space on the site without context.

This is what the main video archive will look like:

And this is what it will look like when you select to view a specific recording:

This looks great!

One, somewhat disconnected suggestion, is that I would like to have an 'agree' and 'disagree' button, or a 'like' and 'dont like' button, or a 'I experience that,' and a 'I don't experience that,' button associated with each of the comments. Sometimes I want to count how many people are 'for' something or 'against' something so I can suss out what the communal experience is with different things. People are sooo different that sometimes I get a bunch of responses 'for' a course of action and a bunch of responses 'against' the same course of action. It would be nice to be able to count the 'for vs. against' perspectives more quantitativley.

I have a few questions that are no doubt way too late but I somehow don't see all migration reports as they occur. And, as usual, these issues may be mine and mine alone.

1. Will the groups migrate? I don't know what to do with my group called "Living Alone with Diabetes." People still join it, every few weeks. There are 69 members but I can't get any of them to actually post topics on the group site. I don't know how typical this is. But, clearly, there are concerns related to self care and living alone. But, the group issue as a whole is separate from my experience.

2. Will there still be a section on the home page where recent posts are placed? I both like this a lot and get frustrated by the frequent turnover and being unable to locate one I wanted to follow. Plus, and here I know I am in a tiny minority: I personally hope that, if the current posts are shown, that maybe they could be substantive ones rather than those like the "think of a word" ones. Yes, I know there are 25,000+ posts on that one thread alone!! Amazing, but it does often appear and takes the place of possibly a management content post. Or does it? Not sure. Maybe it will appear in Fun and Games?!

3. What is the possibility of a clearly posted thread to ask questions or make suggestions of site administration folks? It could be either for the first year after transition or a permanent fixture. I am sure that you will have good instructions posted but there are always things that can't be anticipated, in any major transition.

Hey Nell,

1. I want to refer you to our nice, new Migration FAQ to answer your first question :)

2. If you look at the wire frame for our new home page you'll see a section in the middle called "The Latest". This is where recent forum posts will go. I don't yet know exactly how many will show up there, as that will depend on some design features that we haven't confirmed yet.

3. We are planning to create a big, visible forum post on the new site that invites members to list any questions, problems, confusions that they're encountering with the new site. It will also be a place to report tech glitches, as we're sure to encounter some at first. The admin volunteers and I will be checking that thread daily and replying or just fixing issues, as applicable.

Thanks for your good questions!

I'm glad you like the look of this, mohe!

As of right now we do not have a feature like the one you describe on the new site. Are you imagining it like a sort of voting tally that could be applied to specific posts by members who would like others to weigh in on the post? If you can explain the idea further I'd be happy to bring it to our team to discuss! My guess from what you have written so far is that it would be a special feature we would have to ask our developers to build, giving them exact specifications about how we want it to work.