New here and TTC

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to do an intro...I'm so happy i found this board and I'm sure I will be spending lots of time here!

I'm 35, T1 for 17 years. My husband is a two time leukemia survivor, so we knew going in that we were going to need help TTC. Chemo is bad for the swimmers! Luckily, he has some "live bait" and we get to try IUI first.

Last summer, we had just started looking in to the process and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Wham. change of plans. I really thought that the MS diagnosis was going to be the big challenge in TTC. Wrong. It is diabetes.

I spent a year trying to get a hold on the MS and doing my best to wrap my brain around why I get to be the carrier of not one but two awesome diseases that will never go away. I'm still working on it.

So anyway, while I was wallowing in MS, I wasn't taking as good of care of the D as I should have been. My a1c has never been stellar, but I got on a pump in December and the a1c has slowly been coming down. I recently got a DexCom which has also been very helpful. While was most recent a1c was still too high for the fertility doc (7.3), I just has a glucosamine test to measure the last 6 weeks and have an average of 114, (!!!) so the doc has decided to proceed. Which means going off of MS meds, not the best move in the middle of a blazing hot summer but oh well.

I'm beyond excited, scared, nervous and thrilled to finally be taking this step. We have a very long road ahead of us and I know our situation is very unique. I'm thankful for any stories, support and encouragement I can get or offer to anyone. We all have to fight this battle of the blood sugar!

Sorry this was so long...look forward to learning about everyone!