New Holiday Just Around the Corner-- Phlat Tuesday

Phlat Tuesday , the Tuesday before St. Patrick’s day (so I can remember it?), to celebrate spring (which is in the air, although there was some snow this weekend…) and merriment and posting pics of CGMS for fun and the comradeship that comes with sticking needles into your abdomen.

Come one, come all, hoopdie doopdie doo!! I’m posting early b/c someone is going to indulge on their birthday and well, we are locking the penalty flags and penalty cards away…

PS, if you don’t have a CGMS but have some other gizmo, that will draw a picture, pretty, ugly or somewhere in between, of your #s, please feel free to post those too! Or if you have some crayons and want to have a go at it!

LOL – I’m about as far from a “flat-liner” as anyone on this site – but I’m working on it.

Next year I’m gonna be a contender on Phlat Tuesday!!!

9.00 am Monday …I added sensor into me , no pain , no blood …just need time to " wet " the thing …my evidence may not show till Wed. , the day after P.D. …a bit like a delayed Birth Day , the kind I like …it goes on and on and on .

I like this holiday. Where are we posting our photos?

The “Phat Tuesday” in yellow in the original post should be a hyperlink? Or “search” for the “Flatliner’s Club” group…

Holy smokes, here it is Phlat Tuesday Eve and the thread has plummetted to page 3!! I forgot to post earlier that IT IS NOT A CONTEST however whoever has the flattest line, or anyone else looking to celebrate something, may change their profile pic to one of themselve wearing an aluminum foil hat until Easter.

Viva El Presidente!

Today almost 6 hours later , Danny , my finger pokes well in line with the MM CGMS.( a FLUKE , because of the Holiday celebration …if yes, then we need to do this more often ???) …usually first day may be off

Yes, LONG LIFE to him !

Sure, sure. It’s the Phlat Tuesday season. ;0)

don’t dodge the jar and do a Las Vegas Marathon !
PS …My community marathoners love to go there :slight_smile:

Ugg, off to a horrible start, yesterday was the most bonkers new sensor day I’ve ever had, 117 CGM= 60 meter, 140 CGM= 121 in meter (checking at red light too!). Then, to top it off, I phlattened my phancy phone by leaving it on all night and will have to wait a while. Still good to give the thread a bump?

ok, last bump, as a Cubs fan, I have no problem saying…“wait 'til next year!” :slight_smile:

The worst 24 hours ?? Oh , my …yet I feel OK , mentally … have lowered my basals to 10.60 u daily , mostly overnight and still had Veo pump warnings of lows …did not sleep too well , besides 20 pound cat snuggling up in my neck ; overheard snorring elsewhere :slight_smile: …did my stair walking after eating pasta last night ( too many steps ??) ; did my morning walk at the hockey rink with a lowered bolus intake …and darn had a low regardless …and then the up and up and ups …the glucose pills did not re-act quickly either …what can I say …but try again .The actual exercise of celebrating the holiday kept me motivated …so thanks …next taking the pump’s results pix :slight_smile:

Birthday? Did you say birthday? Looking penitent.

St. Patrick’s Day will be my 12th pump anniversary. 'Twas 1999 and they didn’t have green pumps then…

I have had my low mood days , since back from Maui …our weather a bit warmer …need less insulin ,tweaked the basals ( not enough yet ) hence the struggles with lows …plan to see my GP to discuss my low mood ( long winter back fire ??) …please be assured I will be around :slight_smile:

Did I post my not very nice lines in the wrong place ? …

Living in wine country , we do have up and down hills :slight_smile: