I'm jumping for joy!

I just got off the phone with my pharmacist and guess who’s getting a Bayer Contour USB glucose meter? Me that’s right. Moi. For free. Bayer representatives apparently are giving pharmacies a couple of meters to give to clients who fit in with compliant diabetic lifestyles. So, you can’t be screwing around and not care about your #'s.

And being that I am the walking queen (along with being the Queen of Light and Joy) he is giving me one. I am so pumped. I think he might even have a little crush on me. Who doesn’t though? :slight_smile:

My goal this summer is to be running by the end of summer. So, I can drop some more weight, get super healthy, and get my uterus full with a healthy baby. This might be a naive question but can diabetics breast feed while on insulin?

Is it wrong to want a body with cut hips? Flat stomach, lifted butt?

I’m really excited to see what kind of results the walking, biking, Zumba and running is going to show on the meter. I work REALLY well with stats and visuals. And this meter is so Star Trek.

Welcome to the future eh?


Right on! Let us know how you like it, and about your progress!

I will! I was thinking about even taking a couple of screen shots. I’m going to be getting my meter next week and I have to finish going through my old meter stuff but I’m thinking by next month I should actually have something to show.

What is this “110v mains-charger” you speak of Alan? It sounds like it would be helpful.

That’s awsome. Yep - you can breast fead with insulin - it doesn’t cross the blood/milk barrior but many diabetes drugs do. I tried to jump on the super healthy wagon too and rubbed sores on my feet - even with my diabetic shoes and inserts - i’ve been laid up and crying a lot! Signed up for water aerobics now and going to start that next week i hope!