Phlat Tuesday

Post your pics by tomorrow, tomorrow, what your results were tomorrow, any explanation of any bumps, etc. The giant bump there for me was either splitting my shot into two hunks b/c the service runs slow @ the restaurant we were at or that I don’t have wine that often and the pours seemed a bit heavy or some combination thereof. Nothing a brisk trot with the dog couldn’t fix! Happy Phlat Tuesday!!

But if we post them early tomorrow, they are really from today and not tomorrow?

What are your lines set to? Mine are 60 - 180. 140 is probably a better goal, but then I’d go above it a lot!

I decided to post on Tuesday morning, because that will show me at my worst, unless my sensor decides to flatline anyway, which it sometimes does! It’s a real come-down to think you’re 118, and then test and find out you’re 167!

Why do I want to show my worst? Because I need to prove to you guys that I’m not perfect!!! LOL!

you might as well just put a foil hat on there sir!! applause!!!

60 and 140. I don’t run up that much, sometimes I can go for a pretty long time w/o hitting it but I’ve been a bit wobbly lately, adjusting numbers, etc. I think I hit the crossover point somewhere between .90U/ hour and .85U/ hour basalwise and am back at .90 but I am thinking it may be a few days to get it stabilized?

Your orgones are safe!

Well, I told you I was going to screw up, and I did. I’ll post a picture tomorrow morning, but here’s what happened. I KNEW I was going to eat rice, but I was so happy to see my brother and his family, and so excited to be going out to eat I FORGOT TO BOLUS AT ALL!!! Not until my pump told me I was 183 did I realize it, so I gave a bolus immediately, but right now (9 PM) the pump is saying 312 with one arrow going up. Did I say I sometimes forget I’m diabetic? Somebody spank me!

My day got off to a bad start - hopefully it will get better. I was really tired yesterday & went to bed early. I woke up about 3:30 this morning & heard my Dex going off. It had been apparently been going off for awhile. It had me at about 277 and going up. My meter said 274. When I went to do a correction, my pump beeped that I had an occlusion. I primed it & tried again – another occlusion. I guess my site went bad so I changed that out. It is on the way back down now but it will take awhile to hit 120 and then have to stay stable for 3 hours before I try another pic.

W00T!! Laissez les bon temp roulez!!

Yikes, that sounds hairraising!! [inapproriate spanking joke redacted as there is not to be any spanking around here!!], only data, streams and streams of data…

Well, I just joined. I don’t have a CGMS and I just have my own custom logs, but I did have a good day yesterday, so I thought I’d enter my readings into Glucosurfer and see you yuz guys would let me join the club.

Fabulous!! I was hoping someone would use GlucoSurfer! I just d/l that over the weekend and it looks like a very useful tool!!

Not perfect, but I did manage to recover!

Well, its UnPhlat, UnPhlattering Tuesday. I warned you!! The highest part is where, after peaking at 316, I started to come down, and then the sensor went crazy, and told me I was hovering around 350, when my meter told me I was coming down, so I restarted it, and it started showing a decline, but still, this morning it’s around 150. So I just took a correction, and hope I can get into reasonable ranges soon. But this certainly proves I ain’t perfect, even if it’s (I hope) a better picture than last time!
(Refer to Screwing Up Big Time in the forum if you don’t know what happened.) I can’t explain the other lumps and bumps, either, except that it takes more than one day of consistency to achieve a flat line, and when you screw up, it takes time to recover!

The top line is 180, and the VERY top is over 300. The highest my CGM registered was in the 350’s.

I ate a curry dish with vegetables and beef, but I also ate rice. Probably about a cup and a half. It was really delicious, and I HAD planned on pigging out. Just hadn’t planned on forgetting to bolus.

I’m not embarrassed to publish such pictures – I need the reminder that I do have diabetes – since I didn’t grow up with it, it’s kind of unreal to me. And having people to talk to about it really helps!

I managed to attain a reasonable degree of flatness to celebrate. I will continue to celebrate with a 7.76 oz russet I have stuck in the oven, a pork chop and a chopped salad so some turbulence may be in the works?

Not a great day for me, but it is Tuesday!

Natalie, I never seem to forget about my insulin when I have a bowl of rabbit food in front of me. I only forget about it with a meal that you need extra and you should pre-bolus! You aren’t the only one who ever forgot insulin. At least you had a good meal & fun.

AR, didn’t you join Danny’s TAGgers group yet? No turbulence for that meal when you do TAG!

That is better than what mine looked like so I would say it is a great day!