New insulin and new pump

I love new tech and this one sounds crazy good however I also hate to be disappointed if it doesn’t live up to the [hype.]
(Thermalin: No Refrigeration Insulin and Mini StampPump)

From the cited link:

  • Using Thermalin’s T-1123 insulin, they believe the StampPump could be worn for 7 days (rather than the current 2 to 3 of existing pumps using today’s insulins).

While I would love to decrease the burden of changing infusion sites from every three days to every seven days, I wonder what this long residence time will do the health of the tissue at the infusion site.

For me, everything about pumps is the infusion set. Infusion sites will make or break a pump experience. You can have the greatest pump design and computer setup but the infusion site destroys everything. And than you find one that works great and the company changes something! Always a nightmare! I am all for trying new things, which is why I do so many clinical trials. I will be interested in how this one goes. I am not a big fan of the tubeless pumps because of its size and cannula. So who knows, maybe this could work.

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Eventually, after years of testing and use, they will figure out that it is not the lack of refrigeration that limits you to 3-4 days, it is the infusion site.

Wow! My T1 heart flutters. Think of the different sites that you could place it, this could mitigate the bad site issue.

This uses concentrated insulin that is also supposed to be faster. This means less fluid infused which might make the site last longer. My dexcom never gets irritated but my sets do, all sets I’ve ever used last 3 days.

The best part of this system is the fact that they are focused on reducing the cost and undercutting the current system.