Restart G6 Sensor?

I just upgraded to G6 and I’m on my first sensor. So far so good!

With my G5 I would almost always restart the sensor and use it for two 7 day sessions. I doesn’t look like you can do this from within the receiver or app with the G6. Has anyone found an easy way to do this? I found this method, but it’s really cumbersome. I’d love to find a simpler solution.

I don’t have a G6 but have used Dexcom CGMs for many years. I currently use the G4 and have also used the G5.

I watched the video and think that the perception of this as a cumbersome G6 restart process will likely give way once you do this a few times.

Katie DiSimone, the person who made the video, published this source for restarting the G6 sensor beyond it’s published duration. She lists four options to accomplish this but says the first two are easier. I think the video you linked to is one of the first two options.

Thanks Terry - perfect. I think I’ll try the second option that only requires the phone.

Do you have both the receiver and the app? I just used option 1 to reset my sensor and it was super easy. I just wanted for the reading to refresh, then went into the receiver and stopped the sensor, hit new sensor, put in the sensor code, sticker the receiver in the microwave for a little over 2 hours, took it out and it started working with the updated dates.

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I like restarting mine on my phone. When you “forget” the dexcom on your phone, it can’t accidentally reconnect which will cause the restart to fail. When I tried to restart with the dexcom receiver, it somehow reconnected and gave me a “no restart” message.

Here’s another resource:
Arden’s Day G6 Restart

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I tried restarting a sensor using the phone alone just now. I either did something wrong or Dexcom has closed the loophole in their app. According to the instructions I ‘forget’ the transmitters, and then stop the current session. The app won’t let me complete the ‘stop sensor’ task unless the transmitter is paired with the phone. Once it’s paired again the ‘stop sensor’ task ends and I can start a new session. Am I doing this correctly?

The app is Software number SW11677, revision 1.2.3 and I’m on iOS12 (just upgraded) Is that what you’re using?

That has never happened to me. I am sure I “forgot” dexcom and then ended the session. Maybe it is the update. I keep scanning the internet to see if anyone else has experienced what you did. No luck.

I have not updated my software recently, so I am not on iOS12 yet. Did it work when you ended the session, then “forget” dexcom, and then restart session? You wouldn’t know until the 2 hour, 5 min warm up is over.

Thanks for checking into this Amanda! I didn’t have a chance to try stopping the session, then killing the Bluetooth connection. I’ll try that next time if I see the same thing. My session ends this Saturday and I’ll be away from home and who the have an opportunity to try it until that sensor reaches the end point.

I did look at the version history on the G6 app. The last update was in August so I’m sure plenty of people would have successfully tried this before me. I’ll give it another go! May also try the receiver approach although I never use it so it won’t be nearly as convenient.

The Bt connection is necessary for the phone to communicate with the transmitter, so after you forget the connection you can’t tell it anything. It has to be that you stop the session first, then kill the connection.

If you find a way to restart your G6 sensor, it might not be a good idea. I’ve read that the G6 uses an algorithm that adjusts the calibration of your sensor based on what day it is that you are wearing it. So it calculates your glucose levels differently on day 1 vs day 10 to account for the sensor being placed on your body longer. So if you manage to reuse a sensor, it will calculate your glucose thinking its day 1, when in actuality its day 11 and that will throw off your readings.

I tried this and failed. I did the stop sensor, then start sensor and put in shielded bag.
In a few minutes I found it working different from the instructions because it all stopped reading on my phone. I was using my Tslim instead of the receiver so that could be the issue?

Next time I will try doing the phone method.

Regarding the algorithm I doubt things are that different than the G5 and I had no trouble restarting that and it worked better the second week.

With the G6 I do plan to calibrate daily at least if I can get it to work.

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Can’t you just shutdown the G6 receiver for at least 2 hours after a sensor restart? I do that with my G4 system sometimes on a new sensor to give it more than 2 hours to settle in and as soon as I turn it back on it is ready to put in the two calibrations?

Couldn’t do that because I didn’t buy the receiver for G6. I only got a transmitter and some sensors to check out my pump update and will then go back to G5 for now.

I am able to restart now. It would not work putting my pump into a bag. I think telling the pump to restart just stopped the transmitter. So the next time I tried using the phone shutoff for 2 hours and that seems to have worked. I just did it but it shows the new start and end dates. Also the pump kept reading OK the whole 2 hours.

Does anyone know how to restart the sensor with a Tandem T slim? I don’t have a receiver or a phone that handles the app to do the restart.


Did you have any luck on restarting after the last app update?
I keep getting the “transmitter not found” during the 2h warmup period

Not sure how to proceed
(I don’t have the dexcom receiver, just using the iphone)

Thank you

I finally got a chance to restart the sensor using the receiver and it worked perfectly! Even though it’s not as simple as the iPhone only option, I know it works for me, plus I can see my blood sugars during the warm up.

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I got the G6 sensor restarted this evening with the Tandem t:slim. I don’t have a phone that is compatible with the G6 (most Android phones aren’t compatible), so I used the monitor that had been sitting in a drawer. I turned the monitor on but couldn’t get it to “pair.” Finally it occurred to me to put my pump at a distance so the monitor could pair. When the monitor paired, I put it into a microwave.

Because I’d wasted over an hour, the monitor started its 2-hour cycle with less than 2 hours to go on my sensor’s 10 days. The sensor gave readings up until its 10 days ended, and then there was a gap until the monitor had its full 2 hours, but during that time the pump showed the 2-hour clock (colored green). It took a few more minutes after the 2 hours ended before my sensor actually gave me a reading, but it’s doing it now. It’s given me 6 readings. I appreciate the help I’ve gotten from this website, and I’ll pass along what I can.


I’ve found a really simple way to do this (thanks, unknown internet woman who posted it!). Let your session end, then start it up again without adding the sensor code when prompted for it. Set a timer for fifteen minutes, and when the timer goes off, go back and start it again, this time put in the code.

I do this with my Tandem, I have the phone app as well, but just leave that out of the equation, and it eventually catches up.


Thank you. I may need that. The one advantage I see of doing it the other way is that there is no gap of two hours. If I restart the sensor with the monitor 2 1/4 hrs ahead of when the sensor is going to stop on the Tandem, Tandem will pick up the other. When I did that a few days ago, I didn’t get the restart to go until about 1 hr 40 minutes before the Tandem sensor quit. But the Tandem sensor started showing the recount clock (green) well before the 10-day count ended, and I only had to wait about 20 minutes for the new readings started. I think that if I had restarted earlier, I wouldn’t have had that gap. I’ll find out next time I change it.

By the way, the sensor came off 2 days after I restarted it, so I didn’t get the chance to see how well it worked for another 10 days. Next time I’ll make sure that it is well taped.

I have the Tandem pump, can get it on the app on my phone. How would you proceed?