New logo is dominating over everything

I know someone’s real proud of the new TUdiabetes logo and splash screen.

But really - even when I have my web browser taking up my entire screen, I never see anything BUT the logo “above the fold”. I have to scroll down to find any actual real content I’m interested in.

This is a very poor idea and there has to be some actual content above the fold. Otherwise only experienced users will ever do anything other than look at the lossy forum page and give up.

I would usually follow the rule of thumb that the site logo doesn’t take more than 10-15% of the screen when you load it. Prominent but tasteful at the top is fine.

The way the logo is designed it makes a very poor use of screen space (vast majority of screen is just white empty space).

The forum home page looks even worse on my cellphone than it does on my computer. I see “tu” and DIA taking up the whole screen. I have to scroll left and right to even see the website name and I have to scroll down a couple pages to see any content!


Yes, I agree. It is a bit

dominating and

overwhelming. It might need some



My screen is fairly large and set to a fairly high resolution, so there is SOME content after the logo on the screen. even when the browser is not full-screen. Regardless, I agree, that it’s much bigger than I would prefer - meaningful content should be presented right away to hold folks’ limited attention span. How’s the weather? Oh, wait, what was I saying… :wink:

I’m guessing the developer has a much bigger and much nicer screen than I do – tends to result in a different perspective than “Joe Average user” sees…

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I actually like the new black-and-white logo, graphic design wise. I mean, the new logo is something to be proud of.

Just somehow when it lands on the forum home page, it has to be less overwhelming.

Even when I scroll down in a forum, remarkably little screen real estate is being used for actual forum content. I’m cutting and pasting a screenshot below. I have a bazillion pixels on a nice modern hi-res screen, and I can’t see more than a single forum posting at a time.

I thought something was wrong when I first saw the new page! Such a waste of space, it’s incredible that anyone thought that was a good idea for this website. Sigh.
On my 29" 2K monitor, it occupies 4.25" vertical inches. Ridiculous

Hey, all - Thor Jensen, the BT1 / TuD tech guy here. There was an error implementing the new design and the logo was stuck huge for a day or so until we ran it down. Thanks for your patience - it should now be the correct size. If not, log out, clear your cache and log back in. The new design is very much a work in progress so please leave any feedback you have for us and we’ll consider it.


Hmmm! I already see it the way it should be. Believe me, it was driving us CRAZY.

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Still playing around with colors. Yellow is part of the color palette, but still deciding where should they go.

We are open to suggestions!

Maybe this is a browser issue, I don’t see it that way on my end. (see below)

Maybe @kthorjensen knows why.

THANK YOU! I checked both from my desktop and my cellphone and it is now much better. I still would like it if more actual content appeared above the fold.

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Graphic-design wise, I like the new logo as black-and-white, and I like the boldness of the logo itself too.


Hey, all -

Nothing was changed in the amount of window space the forums take up. They have always been locked to a 1110px wide column and will continue to be so. Larger resolution monitors will have more white space on the sides.

We used a staging server for the TuDiabetes main redesign, but because the site involves multiple components (forums, chat) we were unable to preview some of those changes without making them live. It’s not an ideal experience but I’m working to resolve things as quickly as possible.


thanks for reducing the white space at the top of the page.


I don’t like ALL CAPS for the thread titles. Studies have shown that all upper-case text is harder to read and slows down the reader. I find mixed case fonts much easier to read.


I already mentioned it to the BT1 colleagues, this is a branding thing on BT1 but we have to remember we have different audiences.

I like many aspects of the re-design, now that the logo has been resized. The two issues I’m noticing are that the font used for “latest discussion” is really hard to read. It looks like “latent” discussion. While I understand the appeal of handwriting style fonts, they are often not super functional, so I might suggest considering a different font (or at least a more legible handwriting font if you really want that). Also, I agree about the yellow issue—while it looks nice highlighting the black text, the notifications for messages are now in yellow on white background with white numbers, and do not show up well due to having hardly any contrast. I would suggest only using deeper colors for that function (from the palette provided, the blue and salmon would be fine, or possibly adding another splash color).

Also I agree that all caps at the top as you are scrolling the thread is a bit much. Feels like the thread title is being SHOUTED OVER THE DISCUSSION.


We’re all aware that legal contracts can hide things in the fine print. They have learned that placing large blocks of info in all upper-case font will discourage most people from taking the time to actually read it.

I also don’t like when people use all caps for emphasis. I find the traditional bold and italics work fine when the contrast helps emphasize certain words or passages. It seems people younger than me still like to use all caps for emphasis. Sometimes, a little quieter and less splashy gathers more attention than shouting!


All caps is shouting.

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Thanks for all the feedback, @kthorjensen is still working on a ton of stuff. What you are seeing is NOT final.

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