Moving things around: your feedback

Hello everyone!
In the coming days we will be moving a few things around on the site, searching for ways to optimize the TuDiabetes experience for everyone. If you have any ideas or suggestions about ways to do this, please post them in here, so we can explore them.

Thank you so much!

The changes will happen specially on the home page. I

MPORTANT: Please let us know what do you think of the features we have on the very top of the main page, for example: the rotating banners on the top of the page, the Left Side Navigation (blue-green buttons)

or the TuAnalyze box bellow the banners...

They are all taking some prime space at the top of the page, however we think they are important because,

Banners: Feature discussions, blogs, etc. Rotating visual element help us get a sense of space, belonging?
Left Side Navigation: Help people, specially new members find relevant content organized by topic.
TuAnalyze Box: Updates members of TuAnalyze findings or facts.
Members box: face of our community.

Please let us know your thoughts!
Thank you!

I have noticed the formatting options on a reply like this are gone. For instance I can't make a word into a link. Tried both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

What about having links to research sites and/or having a technical research area beyond forums to keep people up to date on advances? For example, you could add categories, CGM's, Artificial pancreas, Insulin, BG meters, Pumps and infusion sets.

Hi, we noticed that was not working... I think it is working now, right? Let us know what do you see...

Do you mean, adding those categories to the forum?



Hi Emmy and Doris,

Thank you very much. We agree, sometimes it is hard to find the right information...

TuDiabetes runs on a platform called Ning... there are some limitations to what we can do with this platform. The platform let us organize content by latest activity and that is the main reason that the Omnipod group come up first. However, the idea we had with the Left side navigation is that we could organize the content in a way that is less interactive. (it is not perfect, and we need to update it more often)

Are you recommending we change the order of the items in this Navigation? Right now we have:

New to Diabetes?
Type 1
Type 2
Other types
Nutrition and Recipes
Diabetes News
Control your Diabetes
Other Resources
Join TuDiabetes

Would you add or take out any of this categories, change order, (we can not go too long, of course)

Thanks again,

Andreina (now why do I have so much trouble spelling ur name??? I know my 10th grade education isn't working and the GED didn't go to far into spelling years ago! LOL) I was thinking from what I read that Emmy said that maybe she just wanted the different types to get a little more orginized within a group. Like the Type 1 comment and the type 2 comment and such (I am probably wrong but oh well) I agree with the left side navagations there. One thing that kinda gets me is when ppl 1st sign in and we go on their pages to welcome them in. I'm just thinking that it would be a help to let us know who has d and where to send them with our groups. That's all.

Moo Test. (Chrome, btw)

Works in Chrome... before and after edit too

I personally would like to see way less clutter ... Clutter is what turned me off Facebook and it seems like TuDiabetes is getting more and more "cluttered" with "stuff" that I never use. Not sure if others use it, but I don't ... (Things like all the "featured discussions" at the top and on the main page, "like" buttons everywhere, etc.). I use a screen reader so maybe this is a bigger issue for me than for others, but it always turns me off when I hear "Page loaded, page has 49 headers and 292 links ..." (This is what the main page says upon loading.) Does there really need to be so much stuff on one page?

I do have to say, though, that in general the accessibility of TuDiabetes for screen reader users is fantastic!

I also wish there was a way, when posting, to block your posts from being picked up by search engines. I notice sometimes when searching on Google that a TuDiabetes post will appear at the very top. I guess this is great for the site, but I don't like the idea of my posts appearing right at the top of search results, and this stops me from posting on the site as much as I otherwise might.

I know this isn't really related to the main page and it was changed a while ago, but I don't like the new information on the profile page that says "I or a loved one have type 1 or 1.5 diabetes." I much prefer the old way which was much more precise in terms of knowing whether the user had diabetes, the type, and how long they had had it.

Anyhow, there is my feedback and I hope it's useful in some way! :)

I love TuD very much!!! I do, however, start new discussions that seem to not be seen. Then someone finds it by digging back, and makes a post. Several pages of replies can then follow, even though the discussion may have been first posted a week or more previously. That does not happen on other D sites.

A wonderful new feature might enable members to click on "New posts" or "Todays posts". That would bring up all recent posts from all forums. The forum involved should appear by each discussion listed. That is what I look for on every site I visit.

TuD's best feature, in my opinion, is the wonderful Groups. There is no other D site that has the tremendous success with Groups that TuD has. That is primarily why I am here.

Works now, thanks.

I like the idea of a Today's Posts link

Actually, a mobile friendly version would be cool too. I browse tud from phone sometimes when waiting in lines etc and it's mostly ok but the photos for example are highly distracting, and tend to cause page jumping and load delays which can cause mis-clicks... Not sure if ning allows modification based on browser types and can exclude certain elements depending on variables?

I'll third that. One of the other forums I am on (with Richard:) ) has two links right beside my "Welcome Alan" pic at the top left of the page:

Show unread posts since last visit.
Show new replies to your posts.

I use those a lot. The index pages that open when I click on them also have a "Mark ALL messages as read" link which I click on after opening the topics that interest me.

That saves a lot of time and I don't miss any new topics.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter.

I want Manny to keep his picture up. It show what Tudiabetes is about.

For people like me who want to see the latest new post on top, how about the latest new post on top? Within your broad categories of Type 1, Type 2. Then people who can see only a part of a screen could see that latest one posted. Some people on here are dealing with zoomtexts. And some people are barely dealing - that's me - too busy to get back here often.
I'm so date-oriented that I would put everything a month old into history - then by topic and give everything links. Then history could be used by newbies to their delight to learn what's been. And oldies could concentrate on the latest!