So my A1C1 is down to 8.1 now and am keeping bgs between 80-180. I sacked there diet they gave me. Am sticking to my diet for what I am doing is working. Lost 4 pounds from walking an will keep it up. He told me 3 plane hot dogs was to much food at once. My reply was no is not I'm sure you eat more. Finally have an endocronologist I am seeing. She agrees I dont eat anything for I write it all down. GO for blood work to find out how the insulins working. SHe thiks I am insulin resistant. So the weight gain comes from that. If I keep going like this may be able to come of pump. Thank you all

Congrats on the reduced A1C, Becky, and for sticking to your guns and eating the way you know works for you! Just curious why you would want to come off the pump? Do you not like it? The pump probably is helping you in reducing your A1C due to the ability to use precise doses and to set your basal at different rates for different time zones.

Congratulations on the hard work you have put in! Even though there's more to be done, doesn't it feel good to see improvement?

Definitely keep it up and keep working with your endo and with those who support you in your efforts -- it sounds like she sees things more clearly than the doctor you mentioned in your last post.

I'm cheering you on!

Outstanding, Becky!!!

And thanks a lot... I gained the 4 pounds you lost (and a few more recently). Couldn't you find some other place to get rid of them other than my waistline??!?

i think that i can get my a1c1 down to were i wont need it thats my goal and ty

thank you very much. yes i have a long way to go but I know with her and God i will get there

ty sorry about sending it your way will send it some where else lol thank you

so now my sugars are in the 70s an no higher now 153. But am so sick from them being low and shaky. Will I ever get use to these ugh. Days like this just want to sleep. Not holding food down well. But endo says I will get use to them just have to work threw it. Thank you all for the wonderful support means a lot.

Congrats on taking ownership of your diabetes! No one else has the power to do what you're doing. Your persistence is paying off with better control and weight loss. Keep it up. It's always much easier to persist when you're winning!

Thank you I admit I gave up for a while. But I am not someone who does that I am a fighter. By learning and doing the things i need I will get there. Now I am in the right direction with doctors. Have learned what I can eat and not eat. That helps a lot. The wight is an issue for me, for i lose and gain. But doctor said once we find out how my body deals with the insulin it will change. ty nly up and better from here

Great job! You will get used to the lower BG. It takes a little time. I'm often in the 70s and 80s and feel great but the first week or two was a little rough. I have also found if I drop or rise really quickly I feel crappy.