New meter

So I am testing out a new, cheaper meter. It has been running about 20 points below my old meter all day. How do you know if the old meter is right or the new meter? I just tested my hubby, and he was 101 on the old meter and 115 on the new. How do you know which is really correct?

there are laws which dictate glucose meters accuracy. im sure someone on here will know exactly what they are, but i think they may be on the little prospectus paper that comes with the meter.

they could both be wrong! i use a cheaper meter as well (relion from walmart) and it is always about ten points higher than my accuchek aviva. i used to subtract 5 from the relion and add 5 to the accuchek to even it out, figuring the real number must be somewhere inbetween.

you could wait till your next a1c and then compare it with whatever meter youre using? thats what i did and the relion is actually closer to my a1c is than the roche meter.

Could u not test it with control solution? I have never used it but i think this is what it is used for.

Test solutions just verify calibration but look how wide the range is.
How close was the meter average to your last a1c? Does the new meter run closer to what you would expect from that or worse?

I believe the best way to check the accuracy of a meter is to take your blood sugar with your meter at the same time you have the doctor take blood for your labs. This gives you one data point. Then you should test your blood sugar a couple of times with strips from different batches all within a short amount of time. This will give you an idea about how repeatable and variable the readings from the meter actually are. There really is no way of knowing which meter is more correct without comparing it to a good reference.