New OmniPod Reviews

My Endo and I are considering an insulin pump. I would like to try the new OmniPod in for size. Any users of this pump out there. If so, is this pump a go or no go.

Thanks for any thoughts on the new Pod.


Hi Bob, there is an Omnipod users group here. I have been using the Omnipod for a little over 6 months. It was my first and only pump choice because I did not want tubing and I am always in the water. I am really happy with it after 38 years of MDI it is nice not to have to take shots. Some have had problems with it and are very vocal. The ones who are happy are quieter. Good luck with whatever you choose. You might want to test drive some different pumps first and then make a decision. I know the Omnipod has a 45 day money back guarantee.

Thanks for you input. I didn't know about the Omnipod users group, but I am new. Again, thanks much