New on pump

I just changed my quick thing. When I removed the tape thing blood gushed out. Soaked 2 paper towels before I could get it to stop bleeding. What did I do wrong? Has this happened to anyone else? I have been on the pump for weeks. I have trouble getting blood out of my fingers with my pen on 9 so when I saw blood gussing it scared me. I had been inserting the quick thing below my waistline where most of my fat is. I have had problems with high BS (400 to 600) starting the 3rd day. Since I wear mostly elastic waist pants I thought maybe the elastic was cutting off the insulin flow. So the last time I inserted it above my waistline to see if it made any difference. Where is the best place to put the quick thing?
Does anyone know if they make the tubing with a shorter needle? Mine is a 9mm and it sticks me before I push the button. Or is it supposed to do that? I am 5’ 2" tall and weigh 102 lbs.
Sorry about the ‘thing’ but I haven’t learned the pumper language yet.
This may not be the in the right place but I couldn’t find any other place to post a question. I am not very computer literate either.
Thanks for your time

Hi Stacey sorry you are having such a hard time. I am a pump user i use the MM722 (Purple)lol… Well first thing i can tell you is that the quick-set 9mm is to long for you. They make them in 6mm. I insert mine in the tummy above the panty line and usually have no problems. But Bgs of 400 n 600 are problems, you say u get these on third day. hmmm In my opinion you need to request a 72 hour CGM from your Endo or Educator…I am offering this advice not because i am medical professional but a patient (consumer if you will).I have been on a MM pump for 6 yrs…Maybe others on a pump longer have other advice…Good Luck… Keep Me posted… God Bless

Hi Stacey Im new to this group but not to pumping (14 yrs with DM 12 with pump) and i have found that if you hit a small blood vessel under the skin it can cause it to bleed. I’m not a professional on pumps but as a medical assistant i have heard from others (was in family practice) that if they hit one it would bleed and i have the same issue. Usually i know if i have hit one as the insulin may sting as it goes in. Most Endo’s have samples and if it keeps happening i would ask to see if you can have the shorter cannual. I would say dont give up it does get better but shots are not the better option in my opinion. Good Luck

Hi Stacy,

I agree with the others. I switched from 6mm to 9mm because I wasn’t getting the penetration I need. However, I’m 5’10" and weigh 207. By all means, get the 6mm!

As for the blood gushers, I get them once in a while. I never know when so I include a dry Kleenex with my set change stuff. If I get blood, I immediately apply pressure to the spot with the dry Kleenex. Two or three minutes is all it takes for me, but everyone is different when it comes to coagulation. One thing I don’t do any more is to remove the old set in the shower. I always finish off my change by rubbing some antibiotic salve on the old spot.

I never put the cannula below my belt line. I know this limits my choices, but I’m afraid my belt riding up and down might pull the set loose.

I agree I hit a capillary more than once it freaks you out at 1st just make sure to have some paper towels handy

I had this happen the other day with my quick set pump. It scared the heck out of me. I seriously think when Medtronic recalled lot 8 for the quick set they made some sort of error with lot9… they are horrible. everytime I use lot 9 i bleed which I never did with lot 8… I am sure its nothing to be worried about… there is an open wound there so sometimes it bleeds…I would call Medtronics on and talk to them about it tho and let them advise you. Good luck!