New "pod" developments

I have diabetes (1.5) for the last 15 years and have been on shots all the time. I am now considering getting a pump, because we just can’t get rid of these morning highs and as a result my A1C went up the last 3 years from under 6.5 to 7.2.
I never wanted to get one of those tubed pumps but the Omnipod seems like an option. Now I heard of improved Pods to be released an Omnipod with an CGM and a Pod called solo4you. This one promises to be even smaller then the Omnipod, the PDA looks more appealing and it is a two piece pod with the base having the cannula that can be detached from the insulin container.
Does anyone know, when the new Omnipod with integrated CGM and the Solo are supposed to be on the market?
I was going for so long without a pump that I don’t want to rush getting one now when maybe soon a much better version is available.
Another question…anyone insured over Tricare? I am a military spouse and wonder if and how much Tricare pays on pods and started kits…

I have been on the Onmipod for four month I have been on shots since 1981 .
I feel better than I have in ten years .
It is not perfect I do have a few bad pods .Have tore them off on the door or on the car .
But it was the best move for me in a long time. A CGM would be great but I dont think
technology is there yet . I tryed A guardian from mini med .nothing but trouble. Sent it back .

Good luck
PS. dont wait on the pod it works.

That Solo4you is awesome! Omnipod has been promising the smaller pods for a while, so I hope they come through by the start of next year. Minimed is also promising a tubeless pump in 2011. If you get the Omni-Pod now, maybe they will allow you to upgrade for a small fee? Pump companies are very secretive regarding dates of new releases.

Thanks! Minimed would be great if they keep the integrated CGM and be tubeless!I heard Tricare is giving people problems with the Omnipod but they do pay for the Minimed. But for now a tubed pump is not an option for me, mental barrier!
I applied for a free sample from Solo and Omnipod to see how big the difference in size really is.

According to my sources, Insulet’s smaller OmniPods will work with the current version of the PDM. Simply put, there will be no upgrade fee. They will simply start sending out the smaller pods to patients. The smaller pods should be available within a year, and I think the Solo will really tighten the screws for the release of the smaller pods.

According to an earnings conference call last week, Insulet announced that they are making great progress on the smaller pods. Integration with a CGM (either Dexcom or Abbott Navigator – there appears to be some secrecy on which system will be integrated) will be filed for FDA approval by the end of the year.

Thanks for all the info!
I have the sample Omnipod here now, still have some resentment sticking the pod on me even it is just a sample…

I haven’t heard from solo since i sent out my request for a sample. The communication with Omnipod is really good!

I just got done wearing a demo Omnipod for a few days…very cool, so much so, that I went and saw my CDE about seeing if there was a way to sort of “test drive” a live Omnipod with insulin etc…she spoke with my local rep, he overnighted three pods for me to use live and I am able to use the older PDM…hooked up this afternoon, and all i can say is bye bye Medtronic…I have been on MM 715 for over 4 years…and the no tubing is totally liberating…It will take some getting used to, but no tubing is where its at…

My current MM 715 just lapsed its warranty without me knowing, so I am in a situation where I am a “free agent”…shame on MM for not contacting me about warranty lapsing…its on me as well, but they may have lost my business because I was able to try some new and inviting in the Omnipod…and thus far, Omnipod communication has been great, cant say the same personally about Medtronic

Another question for Omnipod users, they say it works with the Freestyle Navigator and the Dexcom. I was wondering if any body uses both devices and what your experience is. To me a pump just makes sense if I have a CGM that keeps me ahead of my lows and even more highs. Even though I test several times a day 2 or 3 hours in between can make you BG jump real high! With a CGM I hope I can catch it earlier before it is in 200s or even 300s! Or like last week I had a 23 and I wasn’t aware of it. I just felt a little bit sick and check because i thought my BG may be high.

i just got my Solo sample today…looks pretty promising. Definitely smaller than the Omnipod.

cool! I haven’t heard from them…when did you fill out the form for the sampleor how long was it before you got the sample?

i filled out the form online i think as soon as the website launched…which would’ve been around 8/4 ish. Guess that makes it about 3 weeks.

thanks for the info! I look forward to hear about your wearing experience…